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Stabby Time
22nd April 2021  
Today is "Covid Vaccine Jab 2" day.
If it's anything like the last stab, I'll be completely out of order, tomorrow!!


Today's pre-stab tasks.
Try to finish off as much of the Idigidragon game as I can.
I should ideally be posting that later on tonight, but it's barely started if I'm honest!
I've spent more time doing that whole "thinking" thing.

Planning ways to get the Dice Battle system to work fairly.
Planning ways to get the JSE working the way it should be.
And planning ways to get nice photos of our cat (Molly), so I don't get evil looks in all of them..

Molly hates everybody!

Right. A couple of hours before I'm off to get stabbed.
Better get coding!

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