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Thoughts on "Rolled a Skull"
21st April 2021  
Seems everyone's willing me to make a bland and boring automated dice-rolling mechanic!!


In Yesterday's Comments, both Michael and Alan chipped in with thoughts on the battle system.
I'll admit, I too spent a good couple of hours thinking about it, yesterday, with random thoughts bubbling away in the kettle of soup that is my mind..

I'm not sure how "Battle'y" it would be, but what if you had some sort of Yahtzee mechanic?
Roll, hold, re-roll, score.
I'm thinking something like "Best score = winner of the battle" or something?!
It's not "Just roll, see what you get". Instead it's "Roll, take a chance, roll again."
And you're not having the obvious "Roll, take away all the skulls, roll again", because if it's "normal" dice, the resulting score would be higher if you roll five 1's.
It's a little more random in the results, and there's an ounce of interactivity/skill/luck to go with it.

It is, of course, much less "Traditional", but I think it opens up a simple amount of tweaks. Like, you could be carrying a weapon/shield that lets you roll an extra dice. Even if your end result only uses 5 dice, you get to choose which 5 from the number of dice you've rolled.
Perhaps you'll earn a potion that always rolls a specific number?

I *think* that might work..
.. Would it work?
What do you think?

Thoughts and comments below.

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