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18th April 2021  
You know those days when you DO a lot, but don't actually accomplish anything?!


I started my day by working on the BODMAS code. Again..!
I wrote myself a couple of example scripts to show up the error in meaningful ways, then hunted through the JSE code to see if I could figure out ways to get them to behave normally.
I spent a good hour or so on this, and nothing really interesting happened.


So, instead, I grabbed the Switch and booted up SmileBASIC. (I say "Booted up".. I never have to Boot it up any more, as it's usually the only thing that runs on the Switch any more, so is always ready to go when I hit the power button!)
I opened the code for this week's game. It's a little Maze game, with a little dude on a tiled floor, which I already declared should probably not end up as a Pacman clone.

Instead, then, I thought about Sokoban, and so I drew a little blue box, and had the character shuffle said blue box around the maze.
Things were going well!

Then, over on YouTube, SmileBoom had their big SmileBASIC Competition Results video streaming live from Japan.
I left it on in the background (since, I don't speak Japanese, so didn't understand a word of it!) and the VERY FIRST GAME that they showed was...

A little dude on a tiled floor, pushing blue blocks around.

Awwwww, bugger..
So, the blue blocks were removed, and generic collectable stars put in their place.
I then added Spikes because.. you know.. me and spikes..

The game's nice and playable like that, but I think I want to add something else.. .. Ghosts would be handy!!.. But would turn it back into Pacman again..
I might try to come up with something more original than ghosts!!!


I opted to give up coding for the day, and spend some time playing some games.
I grabbed the iPad, and booted up Browsercade, and ...
Aw, crap, why is the menu not scrolling!?!
I'm going to have to dig into THAT code, now, too!!
No idea when that stopped working.
Hopefully nothing else has gone awry.
.. hmm...

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