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Today's Plan
16th April 2021  
"How about that whole AGameAWeek thing, Jay?"


Oh, alright.. I'll do a quick version of Not Pong, and stick that in the Browsercade!
That'll keep the numbers up.
Should be ready to go later today, if not tomorrow..


"How about that whole SmileBASIC AGameAWeek thing, Jay?"

Oh, alright... I started a generic looking maze the other day, and have been trying to come up with ideas that might work with it.
I'm thinking a sliding block Sokoban style thing, but with the ability to hop over the top of the boxes.
That might make for a slightly more interesting game.. Maybe..
Either that, or it'll make it too blinking' easy.
Who knows!?

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I made a nice sounding ALChoon last night. I'm running a little behind, now, and have absolutely no buffer zone in my ALChoon releases. The choon I made last night will be next Thursday's Choon.
Hurray for a day of musicality!
I now need to design a new VidGen effect to go with it.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Upgrade the Symbol editor.
Add things like rectangle and circle drawing.
Copy and Paste would be nice, but I think security issues prevent me from doing a full copy+paste support.
Undo, obviously.
And the buttons to switch between 8, 16 and 32 pixel sprites.
Oh, and the Symbol-Select thing, too.

Lots to do, there, as well as integrating the Symbol functionality into the Script Engine so that it actually loads the symbol when it reaches the command!!

So, plenty to be getting on with, then!

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