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A Game Plan
14th April 2021  
It's all well and good writing a language, but what about the regular games?!


Between now and Monday, I need a Browsercade/Shoebox game, and a SmileBASIC game, too.
But what games?!
I started faffing about with that tilemap the other day, with the intention of maybe making a new Thwackity Puttz. I'm not really sure if I *want* to make that, now, though. I mean, it wasn't exactly popular the first time, and it all felt a little bit slow in places.
But.. Golf is golf, and there's no real getting around it.

Maybe I could add a few more interesting elements to the game, but at what point does Golf become Minigolf, and then I'm simply repeating a game that's already in the Shoebox.


Then there's a SmileBASIC game, where I'm up to game #91, but ran out of interesting concepts around about Game #30!

It doesn't help that I spent most of last night worrying about BODMAS, variables, and other JSE related things.
I guess I'm trying to juggle too many things again, as per usual.
...Back to coding, whatever the end result may be!

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New games every week!
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