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JSE - The Spike Test - A
13th April 2021  
JSE's coming along at a measured pace, and as with all things, SpikeDislike will be my test.


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Things that are happening.
1. The screen is scaling to fit the browser window.
2. The ball's Y-co-ordinate is being mathematically deduced from the bottom of the screen.
3. The floor is being drawn across the bottom of the screen.
4. Some spikes are being drawn at preset co-ordinates.

We're still a LONG way off being a working game, most notably, I need input and variables to get things even vaguely working.
But the test script has begun.

For those who haven't been following, I'm writing a scripting engine inside a scripting engine! Script-ception!
The JSE ("Jay's Scripting Engine") is being written inside Javascript, and will hopefully allow for a more BASIC-like syntax. If you're familiar with the BlitzBASIC series of languages, you should be happy with the syntax that I'm attempting to create.
You can follow more of the progress of the language in this SoCoder thread, or on this site where I've been using the JSE tag.

The code for the above example is listed below.. One of the main features of the site will be the ability to simply copy+paste code into the box and run it, making it most suitable for coding small examples and such. That's something that we're lacking over on the SoCoder forum, recently. Something short and simple for tests and the like.

The passage of time hasn't been nice to our favourite programming languages!

I'll be uploading the first test of JSE online as soon as I can.
I want to get BODMAS working, properly, first, and I'm still having some issues with brackets.

// SpikeDislike // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/4/13 Graphics 1024,720,2 Repeat CLS AA Off SetCol 255,180,96 Oval 100,((ScreenHeight()-64)-Abs(Sin(Mills() / 6) * 360)),64,64; SetCol 0,96,0 Rect 0,((ScreenHeight()-64)+32),ScreenWidth(),8 SetCol 80,40,0 Rect 0,((ScreenHeight()-64)+40),ScreenWidth(),100 SetSize 2 DrawImg 300,(ScreenHeight()-128),0,0 DrawImg 500,(ScreenHeight()-256),0,2 DrawImg 700,(ScreenHeight()-196),0,1 DrawImg 900,(ScreenHeight()-160),0,3 DrawImg 1050,(ScreenHeight()-320),0,4 Flip Forever
Open JSE

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