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Alan Suggests..
30th March 2021  
Over on my last JSE Scripting Engine post, Alan suggested the following...


Are you familiar with the (somewhat) well-known nand2tetris course? That's where I learned most of the little I know about parsing. Their lecture slides for the parsing chapter are free:

I've had a few suggestions for parser tutorials and things, and have been sticking all of these links into a bookmark list, in case I ever decide to give up trying.
But, currently, I'm trying my best to figure it out as I go.

I know that's not "The Best" decision, and I know there's no need to "Reinvent the Wheel" and all of that.. The fact is, however, that I'm only "really" doing this because.. so far.. it's actually quite fun to try and get it working on my own.

I don't do AGameAWeek for fame or fortune. (Goodness knows I don't!!!) I mostly do it because I'm bored!
And growing up with a variety of home computers, my natural instinct isn't to play a game. It's to code one.
This is my thing. The puzzle of coding, the thrill of discovery, and the frequent plummet into an abyss of despair and disaster, as I set my mind on a particular idea that ultimately fails horrendously.

But it's the creating, and the figuring it out, that is the thing that keeps me going.
The end result is usually whatever it happens to be, and I rarely have an end result in mind when I start projects.

This project does indeed need a little more (any!) planning, and I'm leaving gaps between days so that my head can bubble away with the puzzle, and hopefully come to a decent conclusion.
So far, so good. It's had a few back and forth chapters, but mostly it seems to be heading in the right direction.

Of course, I haven't yet tried it on anything other than the super-powered MacBook M1. .. I'm slightly worried that I've lost my "cheap laptop as a low-end test" methodology, and that it'll run terribly on a lesser powered system.
That's definitely going to be an excuse for digging out my old laptop, I reckon.

But, yeah.. I'm currently trying to go it alone. Not for any real purpose other than it's still a fun project, and I'm still enjoying doing it.
When the day comes that it becomes too hard, I'll refer to this list of links that I'm building up.

Thanks for the addition

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