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Preparing for Upload!
28th March 2021  
This week's SmileBASIC game is practically ready to go.


This morning will be about the whole Screenshots/Video/Assets stuff, but hopefully the assets oughta be a whole lot easier, given all the work I've been doing on the script side of things.

I still have to sit here and type in the blog post, and the game page, and then post things to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and SoCoder..
But it's all getting a little bit more manageable, each week, and I've definitely become accustomed to using the Mac instead of Windows.

Yep, everything is golden.

.. It's probably around this time that the MacBook will inexplicably explode, or something, just to ruin my wonderful methodology!

Right, then.. Busy day. Get the uploading done.
Go, Jay, Go!!


Last night (4am!) I was sitting away fiddling with the VidGen again. I think I've managed to squeeze a little more time out of the capture. I seem to be able to get about 4 minutes of footage, now, instead of averaging less than 2!
Additionally, clicking the capture button a second time will now act as a Stop button, and save what's already been captured.
.. But, again, this all depends on a bazillion factors, from your system, to your OS, to your browser, to how warm it is, and what you had for breakfast.

You can Play with the VidGen here, along with its new planetary system generator thing.

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New games every week!
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