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26th March 2021  
I continued my work on the Asset Generator, yesterday.


With the majority of the important bits in place, the one remaining issue was getting the asset generator to automagically upload the results to the server.
But how do I upload files from PHP to the server, whilst also keeping things secure?

Over on SoCoder, Rychan made a vague comment that got me rethinking my methodology.
Since the laptop contains the entirety of the server, as a backup, I could instead save the new assets onto the file structure on the hard drive, then manually upload the results with a quick sync between my laptop's version, and the version on the server.
It's a little less magic than I was aiming for, but if it gets the job done, then that's good enough.

With that in place, I believe the asset generator/manager is now pretty much complete.
All I now need to do is take several thousand new screenshots, create logos and icons for the hundreds of games that I made before creating those, and then draw lovely CoverArt for the hundreds more games that don't currently have those, either.

.. That's all..


The process has begun, with the four CoverArt images I drew, yesterday.
So if you've ever wanted to pretend that the Foldapuz puzzle "Chips" had a proper DVD case, which really isn't all that probable at all, but if you did, you can do that now. Linkage

One thing I need to do to the online generator, is tweak the Switch Case generator so that it only adds "Written using SmileBASIC" when a game is actually written using SmileBASIC!!
.. Or perhaps only let the user select the Switch Case generator if the game is a SmileBASIC game.

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