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21st February 2021  
A few thoughts have been festering over the past week..


1. The frogger clone. I think I'm going to do that in space.
I figured the little character is either a little caterpillar, or a weird space blob thing.
It could very easily be a little caterpillar, but then the size of the cars would be completely out of scale.
I mean, that's kinda an issue with Frogger, too, but let's be reasonable, here!! That was 40 years ago, and people didn't care about that sort of thing, and obsess about odd scalings in games and such.
If, instead, I set the game in space, and have space-lanes of UFOs, then have the odd splodgy blob thing as the main character. That makes more sense! Much more realistic!!

2. The script engine.
I haven't really done anything with that, yet. It's been festering in my mind, with me rationalising ways to get the engine to do what's scripted.
Writing an entire script from scratch sounds complicated, with all the numerical and alpha-numerical processing I'll have to be doing.
Handling arrays, and loops and all that sort of stuff.
Best methods to cope with timeouts, and issues of that sort, whilst trying to have a "render" that is always consistent.
I'll probably give the engine a specific limit for memory usage. My Browsercade engine has pre-defined plr[], grid[] and obj[] arrays, which would probably do for storing most script data. Maybe grid[] for numerical variable, obj[] for strings, and plr[] for script definition stuff, like where in the script the interpreter is, and things like that.

3. JMTrackr.
I still haven't added any "pattern length" stuff, and realistically I should've done that ages ago. It's one of the important features, really.
I should probably work on that, today..

But then..
4. I still haven't finished this week's SmileBASIC game, yet.

Priorities, Jay!!

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