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The Unfinished List
9th February 2021  
This week oughta be a Shoebox week, so I've been sifting through the list of unfinished games.


1. The Pool Game.

Less said about that, the better.
The pocket physics are wonky. The rules are barely implemented. It's just a case of knocking the balls around a bit before eventually giving up. This is why All Cued Up exists, as a temporary replacement.

On Hold : Until my brain figured out how pockets are meant to work!

2. Jack Change It (and/or, UNO)

It still feels very rough around the edges. Between moves, the only way I could think to define what the previous player did, is a giant notification onscreen, and you having to tap the OK button.
This really isn't an ideal situation, and doesn't fit the flow of the rest of the Shoebox.

On hold : Until something better pops into my head

3. The Quest

This game has tons of potential, but requires two things.
First, it needs the ability to save your progress, inventory, etc. This is something that, although it should be easy to do, I've not really done yet. Ideally, I think I can just cram it all into one of the stored String values (where it saves things like your highest scoring word in the word games).
Bundle Health, Coins, inventory and other stats into a single string, and save that in the usual place of a Word.

Secondly, though, it's coming back to that "Notifications" issue. I still haven't figured out a good way to do Dice-Battles, without resorting to something akin to a Spreadsheet!!
When playing these sorts of games, you do tend to end up with the sort of scenario. But IRL you can cope with that! You're playing with friends, you have the social interaction, and things tend to move on from there.
In a game on your own, staring at a screen, I honestly dislike the idea of "Spreadsheet Gaming"
Dice Rolls is bad enough...
I don't want to be stopping and starting a nice mini-RPG Quest thing, to have a giant set of stats and numbers and dice-rolling take over the gameplay.

On Hold : Until I really do need to find an alternative..
... But what would that be?!

Speaking of dice..

4. Farkle

I still haven't decided on a good rule-set for Farkle.. There are seemingly hundreds of such sets online.
Maybe I oughta just pick one, and go for it.
... Better yet, rebrand the game, and make my own rules..!?!

Oh Hold : Until I make a choice!

And then...

There's other card games that I've not yet really started. Mostly because each and every one would end up in the scenario that Jack Change It is in, whereby the AI can do things, but you'd want to know exactly what, without resorting to giant popup boxes and the like.

The problem with making "social games" in the browser, is that they lack the exact thing that makes those games such fun.
Having friends to play them with.


If you have any suggestions for games that should be in the Shoebox, or of any ways that I can tackle my own silly issues, please do let me know in the comments.

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