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Catching Up..
7th February 2021  
OK, I've lost about a day and a half, there. Time to catch up on this week's SmileBASIC game!


I did at least manage to switch Path A and Path B, last night, and the basic gameplay seems to be functional enough.
The one issue I currently have is that it's not very puzzle'y, and has turned out feeling much more like an action game with a bunch of bombs around.
A few tweaks, today, should help, and I'm not sure whether to add enemies or something like that.
It might add a bit more variety, but .. again, it'd take away from the puzzle mechanic.



That Covid Vaccine completely floored me, yesterday. I slept for about 20 hours of the day, and really wasn't thinking straight through the few hours that I was awake.

Of course, the alternative is MUCH worse, and I'm SO glad that I'm not having to deal with that.

Stay safe, everyone.
*distant ascii hugs*

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