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13th January 2021  
Aaaaaargh! GUI Work!!!


The new JMTrackr currently looks like this.

.. Well, actually, it looks slightly different to that.
I've replaced the Load/Save with a text box. The melody's string pops into the text box, and you can easily switch it out for a different one.
Makes loading and saving much easier, especially since there's no real need for files.

I might also add an Export Mod button, but.. I'm not 100% sure I can extract the Mod from the system memory.. The Mod Loader converts the format, so I'd need to... *gasp* Rebuild the entire mod from scratch!?!
.. eek!

But it does work, so far. I can plop in some notes, hit either of the play buttons, and have it play.
The left Play will (eventually) play only the current onscreen display, whilst the righthand one will play the full piece of music.

I now need to add pattern selection, but aren't entirely sure how that should look, onscreen.
I also need to rejig the way the music player works, since it's (quite often) leaving me with dead silence, due to the lack of patterns available.

Additionally, haven't yet tested this on iPad, and am quite worried it might be a teensy bit too small, so .. will probably be playing with resizing it to the screen size, or something to that effect.

Getting there, though.
... Definitely getting there!!

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