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Merry Christmas from Twitter!
25th December 2020  
Twitter's locked all my smegging accounts.


In order to have a Twitter account, you now need to link it to a phone number.
I'm OK doing that, and have previously used phone numbers when signing up for all the different accounts.
Unfortunately, they've now slightly tweaked the rule, such that you need to have a DIFFERENT phone number for each account.

My AGameAWeek account, locked.
My SoCoder account, locked.
My Platdude account, locked.
My ALODare account, locked.
My ShoeboxOfGames account, locked.
My Browsercade account, locked.
My Foldapuz account, locked.

Own a domain for that? Tough tits.. Now you can't have an accompanying twitter account, to help filter the noise. Not unless you own 100 phones, too.

In the space of a month, I'll probably use each of those at least once. The AL account weekly, the Platdude one, daily.

They've made this rule "to reduce spam", but what's going to end up happening, is that EVERYTHING I post from here on, will be spamming the hell out of a single account.
And I'm fairly certain that wasn't their intention.

@Jayenkai still works. Thank goodness.

But until further notice, all of the rest are annoyingly useless and unusable.

I'll let you know if I fix it.

FFS, Twitter..

Merry Christmas.. :/

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