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MacOS : Day Five
30th November 2020  
Another hard slog, this morning!


It's definitely taking some time for my habits to change over. I know I have the "right" selection of software, now, but ... Boy.. 20+ years of Windows habits are hard to ignore.

I'm getting the hang of using Pixelmator Pro, but am constantly failing at things like hitting the wrong shortcut buttons for tools, and the worst bit is when I hit "Change Canvas Size" to crop an image to 1920x1080, and automatically go to type the size in with a none-existent numpad!

Silly Macbook, not having a numbed.

I also keep hitting delete, when trying to zoom into things. That sounds really weird, but the top right of the keyboard is usually where the numpad's + key is, and my hand naturally aims there!!
Luckily, this trackpad actually works properly, so pinch-zoom is entirely doable without the entire OS freaking the hell out and falling over itself. (see : Windows)


Not a lot of development got done, yesterday.
I attempted to get a php script clickable, but couldn't quite figure out the best method without resorting to having a bunch of extra icons for each bit of the task.
Instead, then, I'm going to leave the .php script within each folder, and then edit that for each specific task. Kinda messy, but it works.
To run the script, I can double click it to open the script in TextMate, then Shift+Alt+R (Shift + Squiggly Circles + R) to run the script directly from TextMate. This has the advantage of the output staying onscreen, so I can double-check that everything worked.

Currently the script scans the folder, gets the information for each spritesheet, and then..
stops.. because I haven't coded the rest, yet!

To be honest, that was probably more than enough for my poor little brain, as it failed to think straight after that.


Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Tomorrow's the first day of the Advent of Creativity 3, over at SoCoder.
Guess I need to come up with something creative, huh...?

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