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MacOS : Day Four
29th November 2020  
I've not booted up Windows, yet!


Most of the morning stuff is now .. more or less.. working.
The Poetry image isn't quite right, since I need to figure out how to add a nice smooth/blurry representation of the pixelart icon, on top of the image, using php. Not easy!!
For those interested, since I can't "easily/lazily" get TTF fonts working on the MacOS default installation of PHP, I've actually switched tactics and am now running the Poetry Render script on the server!

.. It does the job.. Kinda.. But not quite 100%.

I've also currently forgotten to add the the little number on the bottom right of the poetry image, too.
Bah, humbug!!

Other than that, you should hopefully find that the zip of pixelart desktops is now updating like it oughta.


I've switched art-tool from Affinity Photo to Pixelmator Pro. There's a trial version of Pixelmator Pro available on their website.
It doesn't have power features like the lovely lighting function that Paintshop Pro had (in v7, in 2001) but it does at least let me copy+paste things and save files without going batshit insane at the terrible user interface!!

Note : By default it does that stupid thing where any image loaded gets converted to the program's own format, then you can't simply save it back out again.
Unlike GIMP, though, there's actually a setting in the preferences to change that.
Turn off the "Import JPEG, PNG and TIFF images" option.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

My switch to MacOS is going .. ok.. It's certainly been a trek to get my default setup vaguely working.
Decades of Windows usage aren't exactly helping. But today I've not strayed back into Windows, yet, so I think I'm doing alright!

Today I'm going to try to write a php script to replace my BMax script, which takes sprite sheets, removes Magenta, and adds pixel-width padding to the whole sheet. This is something I use regularly for both Shoebox and Browsercade.
A simple enough tool, but one that I definitely need, before I can move ahead.

What I'd really like to be able to do, is create a single version of the script somewhere on the drive, and then have a .ini file for each image which I can double click and have it run the script, and rebuild the necessary images.
... But, can I make an icon double-clickable, if it's only running a php script?!
An interesting challenge...

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