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MacOS : Day Three
28th November 2020  
Most of the basics are now up and running.


I've got the hang of using Affinity Photo for the simple task of copying an image and pasting it to the Pixelart sheet, but then trying to use it to expand the 64x64 pixelart up to a nice 1920x1080 desktop image is.. um.. What's the word..

My new php script to compile the sheets into the correct image files, rescaled and neatly formatted is working great, but I still can't quite figure out how to do the Poetry images.
MacOS's default install of PHP doesn't seem to support TFT-to-Image commands, so I either need to figure out how to get it to do that, or alternatively figure out how to install my own preferred version of PHP, which has all of the features I require.

As such, I've still had to use Windows, this morning. Once to draw the 1920x1080 desktop of this morning's pixelart, and then again to generate the daily Poetry image.

Other than those two issues, my morning routine is mostly working well enough, though is taking about 3 times longer than it used to...


In a few days time, we'll be at December 1st, and over at SoCoder, the annual "Advent of Creativity" will begin.
I'm looking forward to using this year's time to come up with something wild and creative. I haven't anything planned, but last year saw me creating the lovely Knitting thing. Perhaps I could create something similar, this year?
.. Maybe I should make an image editor for piecing together spritesheets!?!
Who knows.

If you'd like to see me tackle something less gamey, and more creative, be sure to pop it in the comments!

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