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Struggling On
27th November 2020  
This morning's Platdude Pixelart was a slog and a half..


So far I've opted to go with Affinity Photo for my pixelart editing, but it really isn't going very well at all, and is coming up with all manner of issues. Most notably that it's quite a pain to simply drag and drop a copied chunk of image from one image to another. It seems to copy the entire layer, instead of the bit inside the selection-tool's boundary. Not sure what that's all about, but it sure as hell is frustrating.

I've ended up heading back to Windows and PaintshopPro7, just to get the blooming' thing working, this morning.
Hardly an ideal situation, but necessary to get the pixelart moving ahead.

I also haven't yet rewritten my pixelart compiler thing, so that it works on the Mac. Ideally, I'd like to get it working in php, but I'm not sure that Mac's default PHP installation includes any of the image functions. I'll have to look into that.


I did a bit of coding, yesterday!
Nothing that you'll ever see, and not really anything game'y, but I rewrote my SoCoder Newsletter Compiler in PHP. So, yes, PHP does indeed run natively on MacOS, and yes, all the file access works great.
It's a shame I haven't yet worked out how to make the php file clickable to run. Hmm..

As far as text editing goes, I've opted to go with TextMate which seems to be as close to Programmer's Notepad as I can find. Plenty of syntax highlighting options and colour schemes, and it does plain text really well, including options for various save methods.
Good stuff, and it also includes a php validator, as well as a mini php installation to run things, too.

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