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MacOS : Day One
26th November 2020  


I still haven't found a good art package that is functional enough to copy+paste pixelart, create all the effects that decades old PSP7 did, but is also small enough to open in an instant and not make you wait 3 blooming hours for it to boot up.

I still haven't found a decent wav editor, but .. to be honest, I didn't get around to looking yet. I'll probably just use Audacity. After all, it's good enough for Andrew Huang's mum, so who am I to complain!?

I still haven't found a decent text editor that sticks to ASCII mode and doesn't do random silly things to my text. But again, I haven't really started looking, yet.

I'm currently at odds with a few things, most notably that Copy + Paste command key is the "Command Key". Imagine your windows Alt and Ctrl keys being switched, and that's the new place for Ctrl.. Hitting Ctrl-A, followed by Ctrl-C is a dose of finger gymnastics, because the Ctrl key is no longer "Always to the left".. It's now to the right of A, but to the left of C, requiring some extra dexterity to pull it off.
I might have to end up using the alternate Command key (Right Alt!) instead. Grrr!

The trackpad has a "double push" thing going on. If you tap stronger, it acts as a secondary click. I'm not used to that happening, and my big stumpy fingers are activating it ALL THE TIME!! Drag'n'Dropping icons is frustrating as all hell, because every time I go to hold the "mouse button" I end up doing the double click thing, and the info-box for the icon pops up by mistake!

I've attempted to type numbers into a none-existent numpad about 20-odd times, this morning, whilst doing my morning pixelart!!
Speaking of which.. I had to revert to using Windows to do that, since I haven't..
A ) Found a good art package yet
B ) Written a new tool to compile the pixelart, that runs on the Mac.

*ugh* So much yet to do, it's kinda crazy if I'm honest.

But thankfully the MacMini is still running Windows, and I can currently still manage to remote desktop to it to get most of the daily pixelart/etc chores done.

Now I need only write this week's SoCoder Newsletter..
What can possibly go wrong!?!

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