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22nd November 2020  
Wasn't making any gamedev progress again, yesterday, so instead shifted over to Music.


Starting the choon about 2pm, I whipped up most of it in the space of about an hour, and then finalised the track later on that night.
It's turned out reasonably well, IMO, although I'm not 100% happy with the drumloop. But, if I'm honest, I never am happy with my drums.

I used to grab drumloops from all over the internet, and plonk them into my tracks wherever necessary, but since switching over to KORG Gadget, it's much harder to randomly pluck .wav loops and get them working neatly.

Instead, it's a case of dotting down drums one at a time, and hoping the result is half-decent.
This is probably why you'll notice a whole lot of my drumloops being simple kick-hat-snare-hat repetitions. I'm certainly unskilled in that area.
Bah, humbug.

But, yeah, the tune ended up ok.
You can Play the track in the Jukebox!

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