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What DID I do, yesterday?
21st November 2020  


I recorded the Foldapuz video, posted it to YouTube, posted the game to the site, and then..

I know at one point I was browsing Amazon's Early Black Friday, and commenting on how pretty much every "EPIC DEAL!" is in fact a load of garbage.

I also watched Discovery's latest episode, which was decent.

... But, other than that?

Boy, my mind still isn't quite running properly, is it?


Today's hair-scrubbing day. The right side of my head has been void of washing due to the fairly significant amount of stitches on there. The stitches were removed earlier in the week, and I was told to give it a few days before washing it.
A bottle of Baby Shampoo has been purchased, and hopefully I can was it without any untoward side-effects.

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