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Foldapuz - 100!
20th November 2020  
The 100th Foldapuz game is now part of the site.


Stupid upload wouldn't let me play it on my iPad yesterday, because although I'd uploaded it (a day earlier than planned), it was still locked out until this morning. D'oh!

Yesterday's plan of "Make a video, post the game" was stunted because in my still-rattled mindset, I couldn't figure out how I could hackily play the game a day early on my iPad to record the video.

How do I usually do that!? (he wonders, before realising that he usually only just manages to code a Foldapuz puzzle a few hours before it's due to launch!)

Today's plan. Post the foldapuz game, then um.. .. *shrugs* Not sure.
No plan.
Lots of relaxing.
Still recovering.

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