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16th November 2020  
Hardly slept, last night.


My mind started to jump through all the crazy hallucinations that I'd had in the hospital, trying to reconcile them all, and figure out why they'd popped into my mind.

One night, Me and a very helpful nurse sat on the nice couple of comfy couches outside of "a room" on the corridor adjoined to the ward. We chatted all about my hallucinations and things.

My head is telling me, 100%, that the room opposite was some kind of Music School, or something to that effect. On reflection, that doesn't make any kind of sense, whatsoever, so I'm fairly sure that must've been another minor hallucination.
Can't figure out a way to clarify that, though. And memories of my time in the ward are already starting to fade away.
All very strange, I must admit.


This morning, I was supposed to head to the local doc's for bloods and whatnot, but they rang to cancel, after I'd already woken up and done all my morning waking up stuff.
Could've had another hour in bed, but that probably would've been restless anyway.

Being ill sucks!!


Yesterday I gathered up a few sprites for a game I'd like to do, and bundled them into a new spritesheet for Browsercade. Then I opened up a code window, and that's as far as that got.
My head still doesn't appear to be in Prime Coding mode, yet, probably because I'm still worried about all the craziness it was doing over the past few weeks.

Today I'll see if I can manage to do anything.
I've still got a couple of ALChoon's to catch up on, so I might see about letting that happen.
Who knows!?!

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