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14th November 2020  
Aaaaah, Stitches.


Had stitches out, yesterday, and most of the cramping pain in my gut is already subsiding.
The head-wound is looking particularly crazy, but isn't as sore as the gut is, right now. The gut stitches are where they attached the bottom of the shunt-tube, and is quite tender, depending on the position I'm sitting in.
Also, when I'm lying, and my arm naturally falls at my side, the tenderness becomes quite apparent, so trying to sleep comfortably has been incredibly tricky.

Bah, humbug!

Not much progress on anything, yesterday. After the trip out to the local health centre, getting the stitches out, etc, it was a day of rest and recuperation.
Today should hopefully be a little more productive, but once I finally managed to get over to sleep last night (about 2am!) I was out for the count, and didn't wake up until about 11! eeek!

Right then..
Gotta Code!!
Let's see what turns up.

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