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12th November 2020  
I now have a nice and full todo list, with plenty of things to keep me occupied.


The main issue right now is finding the mindset to get any of it done.

Things I haven't done that I should've done today.

1. ALChoon
That's not materialised..

2. SoCoder Newsletter.
Half of that's in the bag, but I CBA writing the other half.

Other things I'm not doing.

1. Posting the daily default Foldapuz page to Twitter and Facebook.
2. Coding.. Anything.. At All..

It's been about a week and a half since I got home. Tomorrow I'm off to get my stitches removed, and I'm hopeful that that'll go well, (eg, not leak!!) and will relieve a little of the "eeek" pain in my head that's putting me off a lot of my regular tasks.

Right, Jay..
Buckle down..

Let's see what today brings.

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