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11th November 2020  
Woke myself up, snoring, last night.


A couple of things to ponder..
1. Does that mean I had such a deep sleep that I was snoring so much MORE, that I woke myself up, or does it instead mean that I wasn't in a deep enough sleep, so the subtle sound of the snoring woke me up?

2. I wonder how much I was snoring in hospital!?

#2 probably isn't all that bad, though, since the few nights that I had practically no sleep at all, the other patients on the ward were all snoring away, anyway!

Are you a snorer?
How do you put up with other snorers?
How do you put up with your own snoring?!
I might have to start sleeping with earplugs, so I can get a good night's snore on!

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