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Catching Up
9th November 2020  
Hey, you remember that Racing game I was doing?!


It's in the "Misc" section of the Browsercade.
I finished off the music, yesterday, to the best of my abilities.
It's kinda samey, but it'll have to do, because my head really wasn't feeling very musical.

That's uploaded, and I'll do the video, trailer, blog post, game post, etc in a bit. (or maybe later today, depending on how well my head's working!)


The staples/stitches in my head are kind of a bit "pangy", this morning. I think I must've been lying on the wrong side of my head last night. Gah!
Can't wait to get those stitches out. Argh, Pain, Pain, Pain!
Friday's the day I have to take a trip to the local large health centre, to get them out.
Counting down the days!!

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