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Rest Day..
8th November 2020  
Had a few of those, lately!!


Yesterday was mostly spent trying to figure out what to do next, and if I'm honest, I've still not decided.
I know I need to finish off the Racing game. There's 3 more tunes to do for the different themes, but my brain isn't doing very good at composing choons, right now.

Other than that, it'd be great to make a start on something a bit more substantial. There's a bunch of games for both Browsercade and Shoebox that I've avoided tackling so far, due to their overall size. I might give one of those larger projects a go, while my head tries to find it's place.

Not really sure.

Might be a good time to stop doing daily blogs for a while, though. They're going to be fairly similar if I don't!!

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New games every week!
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