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The Plan Ahead
6th November 2020  
Oh, boy..


Right couple of weeks, there, huh?

Right now I'm not doing much of anything.
I know I "should" at least finish off a few more (9) tracks to round off the Quietly album.
Foldapuz is at a nice number (99 games)
SmileBASIC games are at 75, too, so.. as far as rounding things off, most of the things I'm focusing on are at a nice position where I can say "I'm happy to have managed that much.."

The daily pixelarts and poetry things have, obviously, taken a back seat, although I DID attempt a pixelart whilst in hospital. .. it didn't end up very good!!

I currently don't have a plan as to how to move ahead with AGameAWeek, but I'm thinking it might be a sane idea to cut back a little. Maybe not push to average 3 games a week!!!

Take the next month or so to not create new, but instead fix things up, whilst my brain attempts to fix itself up.
I dunno.
Kinda still foggy-brain right now, if I'm honest. Obviously nowhere near what the previous foggy brain was, though. This is more of a "tired out, needing to rest" fog than the crazy chaos which recently took over. Eek!!

Right, if you'd like to see me tackle anything, let me know.
I think a complete restructure to my weekly schedule is in order.

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