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18th October 2020  
Having spent most of Friday playing Mario Kart Live, I vowed not to do a really obvious racing game on Saturday.
So I sat down with a vague plan in mind for a puzzle/maze game, and ..
Couldn't quite shake that circuit-generating method.


It's not a game. It's just a generator.

You can Download TrackGen here to play around with it. It's written in Blitz2/3D, and has been compiled into a windows exe. sourcecode included, or over in this SoCoder thread.

You can hit cursors left or right to change the smoothness, and up or down to change the angularity.
I know those are technically the same thing, but.. maths!!

I had a lot of fun doing that, yesterday. Fiddling around with the maths, and getting everything nice and fun to look at.
..and I'm definitely in the mindset to convert that into a racing game.
So, I think that's the new plan.

Today I'll draw some sprites, get the code rewritten into Javascript, and pre-upload the sprites and things for the Browsercade. Then it's just a case of plopping a car on the track, letting it go in circles, and counting laps and times.

I might also add some CPU players on the track. I enjoyed how "Really Retro Racing" felt on the Switch, so I might end up replicating that. It'll certainly help having proper circular tracks!

Right then.. Let's get creating.

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