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  12th February, 2013
If you're a regular AGameAWeek follower, you'll probably be all too aware of the "It doesn't always work" rule.
For those that are new, here's a great example.

While working on AGameAWeek might occasionally lead to a magical wonderland of awesome inexplicably addictive playability, it also frequently leads to dead ends.
There are reasons why most companies don't release odd prototypes, and this is definitely one of them.

I tried, with Platdude Goes Golfing, to make a crazy pinball-esque golfing arcade game.
It's not really worked out.
Well, it HAS, it's just not that good!
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  12th February, 2013
Hit all the red bumpers to open the hole, then down the ball.
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Golf , Unfinished
  11th February, 2013
You know what I hate?

You might've noticed that very few of my games include icons.
Not only do I hate having to draw icons, I also hate having to create 70,000 bazillion different sizes for every sodding size that might be needed.
Gah, I HATE icons!!!

AGameAWeek on Android means I need 3 icons every smegging week. Oh, great :

Today, I made a "Jay is too lazy for this" tool, called IconResizer.
Download IconResizer here.
I've supplied the BlitzMax sourcecode along with the program, so if you ever need to tweak it to add more icon sizes, it shouldn't be too difficult.

The basic idea is this.
You supply the original pictures, it generates a bunch of icons for your game.

The Lengthy version..
First, it needs Icon_SIZE.png files of various sizes. I'll typically be creating a 128 and 1024 icon for each of my apps, but the more you add, the clearer close-target sized icons will appear. (Less scaling = less dodgy!) For me, the 1024 one goes on the iTunes site, whereas the 128 one gets used by the app.

Once you've created all the Icon_SIZE.png's you can be bothered to make, you then need to create a Launch.png image, too. This is the one that will be rescaled to create all those stupid "Default.png" loader images that Apple makes us create.

Shove all these into the folder, and run the .exe file.
Give it a minute or two, depending on how fast your system is, and it'll flick through creating everything you need.
Once done, you'll find an icons/ folder containing all the icon files, and a launch/ folder with all those fiddly Default.png images.

Additionally, if you're using Monkey, it can also be used to create Android icons, too, helping you be extra lazy..
Assuming your game is "YourGame/YourGame.monkey" shove this into "YourGame/IconResizer/". It'll hunt for a "YourGame/something.build/android/res/" folder, and if it can find one, it'll place the three icons necessary for Android into the associated folders. Handy!
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Iconresizer , Utility
  9th February, 2013
I'm at odds over this one.

The first possible launch date is Feb 23rd.
Feb 23rd is my birthday, and for the last two years, has also been SpikeDislike=FREE Day on iOS.
It'd be nice to have SpikeDislike2 Day on the same day, but then I'd also need to get it onto the AppStore by that date, and ... that's a wee bit tricky!
It'd mean I'd have to get the iOS App submitted by around about this time next week, and .. yikes. that's cutting it a bit close, especially considering I've yet to even LOOK at the GameCenter stuff.

Next possible date, March 1st.
This one gives me an extra week to get things in order, but also enables me to use SpikeDislike2 as my March "OneGameAMonth" game. woot!

The next possible launch date is March 5th.
March 5th makes a little bit more sense than 1st, given that it's a Tuesday, and AGameAWeek is supposed to happen on Tuesdays.
If I aim for that one, I get a couple of weeks to get things in order, figure out how I'm going to manage GameCenter, and then get it sent off to Apple and wait a week before I can launch everything else.
It may also give me time to figure out this whole GooglePlay bobbins, and get myself all official and stuff.

So, yeah, it's looking like a March 5th release, at the moment.
Having said that, though, SpikeDislike2 has come along at a MUCH quicker rate than I originally expected. To have a fully playable game, a lovely menu, some badges, and more, after just a couple of weeks, is pretty astounding, especially after the crappy year I've just had.
To then have it be playable on so many different targets, makes it all the more fun!
Will I make the illusive Feb 23rd release day? Only time will tell!

First, I need to add more badges!

View on YouTube
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Daily Blog
  8th February, 2013
Hello all.
If you're a regular reader, prepare to be marginally disappointed.
Today's release is NOT for you
Today I'm releasing a private beta edition of SpikeDislike2 (currently for Windows or Android) to people who would like to blog about it, and help publicise it's existence.

If you write for a gaming blog, contact me, (or @Jayenkai), let me know who you are, and we'll get the ball rolling. (ie, I'll send you a link!!)
The preview edition is already uploaded to the server, in a sneakily hidden away private place, and is ready for playing with... but only for those who can get the word out.

If you're a "proper" Magazine journalist, you can also get in on this, but be aware that I'll probably be releasing the full game well before your mag hits the printers!! The world of AGameAWeek moves far too fast for publications!

Click ahead for "What's Missing", and a general overview of the progress so far.

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Daily Blog
  5th February, 2013
Aaah, the familiar sound of squelching!!

The gameplay is easy on this one.
Throw the ball at the oncoming Centipedes to smash them to pieces. You can then additionally bounce the flailing pods about, to do extra damage, and cause general onscreen insanity!
Oh the fun!!

You can Download C3ntipong Here for Windows and Android. There's also a browser based HTML5 edition, too, if you can't be arsed with the download.
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  5th February, 2013
Smash the Pods and Bash the Balls
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Centipede , Pong , Centipong
  4th February, 2013
Part of SpikeDislike 2 will be it's various game modes.
I've a few simple ideas in mind, and may be asking for additional ideas in the future, if I start running out!
Meanwhile, here's the first to be fully integrated, and playable, and kinda fun.
Sheep Goes Right!

View on YouTube

Yes, it's a bog-standard endless-runner mode, but it has a sheep, so that makes it 89% more awesome!

More modes a-comin'!
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Daily Blog
  3rd February, 2013
Don't worry, it's not Unijuggler again!!
Yesterday I started my first "bigger" project of the year. These are the games that I know are going to take a little more than the usual week to complete.
Well, I say that, but I've actually managed to achieve a staggering amount of work in the space of only two days!

The game is playable, the credits are counted, and the unlockable menu system works a treat.

I haven't added anything new, yet, though. That stuff's yet to come, and I may/may not explain some of the new features as we go along.
First new feature?
"My First Dislike" is Baby mode, giving the player a completely unnecessary tutorial (!) and three whole lives!!! Lives, in SpikeDislike!? Hmmm..
Classic SpikeDislike, on the other hand, takes you back to a single life original mode.
Hmmm.. I wonder what other modes I can come up with??
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Daily Blog
  1st February, 2013
I've yet to figure out how to solve TamToucan's X/Y Tilt issue, but a couple of gripes have already been tweaked.
C3ntipong Test Edition for Android - Version 2!
The paddle, for starters, is now set much further up the screen. This may result in a slightly harder game, but at least your finger won't be in the way! (or at least, it shouldn't be, unless you have a really really tiny phone, or gigantic finger!)

I've dug deep into the well of games, and dug out the "Level 1"/"Next Level", etc voice sounds from the original Centipong. They're in there, now, chatting away as you play.
Hopefully I needn't add any more of those, because I'm damned if I can remember how I produced them in the first place!!

Skill shot and Ball Carrying give bonus points, and there's a wide range (not that wide!) of badges to collect along the way.

Oh, and I changed the icon, too.

If you're playing along, let me know how it goes, and if anything breaks horribly!
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Daily Blog
  31st January, 2013
Last month I suggested that a crappy unartistic desktop image might make for a rubbish new monthly feature.

Tomorrow's the first of February, so I might as well keep the crap coming!
Here's February's Crappy Uninteresting Desktop image. Enjoy!

Click for Mahooosive!
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Daily Blog
  31st January, 2013
There's still plenty to add.
Music, for one.
And Badges.
And Pickups.
If you spot anything else missing, odd, bug-like, or otherwise quirky, let me know.

C3ntipong - Test Edition
The final-ish version will be available on Tuesday.
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Daily Blog
  30th January, 2013
This WIP currently has the title of "C3ntipong"

MMMMmmm.. Centipong on Android! (And HTML5 and Windows and Mac and iOS! YES!!)

Why Centipong? I was browsing through my archive of forgotten half-complete projects, and stumbled upon Centipong XNA, a version I started back in 2010, aiming for an XBox release.
One I tried the game with an XBox controller, I very rapidly changed my mind, and soon forgot all about XBox dev!
Luckily, the Centipong_Win.exe is still in the folder, so I gave it a quick try.
..and of course, being a Microsoft developed language which compiled it, the game didn't fucking work.

That XNA EXE is incompatible with this Windows 7.
..An EXE that is ONLY 3 years old!!!

Then I played the original Centipong, which I wrote 2 years prior to that using Blitz, and it ran perfectly.
God bless you Mark Sibly, and all the Blitz Research crew!
You've done a bang up job!

Centipong is now 5 years old, if you can believe that!
Blimey, that went quick!
About time we got a decent sequel, am I right?!

The gameplay is working, tomorrow I'll dig into the level structure, and then I've a bit of spare time to add that all-important "Niceness" that people keep whinging on about.
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Daily Blog
  29th January, 2013
The last time I posted this game, back in late 2010, it was available on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and even on iOS!
This time around, I'm using a completely different programming language, and I'm not entirely settled into things yet, so we're launching on only 3 platforms, instead.

Windows and Android versions are available right here
iOS edition is do-able, but whether or not I upload it to the AppStore is uncertain. There's already a Cardagain up there! Things could get weird!!
It's essentially the same game, anyway, so it's no loss either way.

I'll build a Mac edition later on, and that should hopefully work without any hitches.
HTML5 edition is available here!

So there it is.. Win/Mac/Android/iOS/HTML5. Five nice targets to aim for each week. Should be fun! Once the last few pieces are in place, anyway!


AGAW:Y5 Score So Far : Five weeks, five decidedly iffy games. Not a high score, by any standards, but at least I got my framework up and running!
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  29th January, 2013
Remember the layout, Remember the order, and then pick the Cards Again..
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Puzzle , Cards
  28th January, 2013
OK, folk are getting intrigued as to how all of this is working, and how nice the Monkey language is to work with, so in the spirit of not being a complete and total git, here's the complete everything that there is so far..

The Download

Framework Downloads have been removed due to lack of updates!

I've also left the html5 build intact, so you can give it a little run if you don't have Monkey installed. (I think!)
Should be as simple as going into the .build folder, then the html5 one, then opening the html file.
... it *should* open up, but no guarantees!!

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2013 Framework
  28th January, 2013
Is your PC running Windows?
Do you like Card games?!
Then you're in luck!
Cardagain for Windows - Test : 10Mb!!

If it nags for an OpenAL dll, you can grab that here.
I'm going to fiddle with the zip later, and see what OpenAL stuff I am or aren't allowed to include.

Let me know if it does/doesn't run.
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2013 Framework
  28th January, 2013
I left my Cardagain soaking, overnight, and it's gotten bigger!
How much bigger?
Well, yesterday it was about 3.5Mb.
Today it's a whopping 10.4Mb!!

What's done that?
Graphics! Lots and lots of graphics.
If you've played Cardagain before, you'll remember it had a selection of different card decks.
Now the Android version does, too! Just tap the card on the top right of the menu to pick from them all.

Also added, 4 badges to earn. Yep, just 4, and they're a bit shit, 'cos I'm an unimaginative bugger!
If you can come up with any more, lemmie know!

There's also a couple of fixes here and there, and the Pause Menu should fit a little better on your screen, too.

You can Download Cardagain for Android Here. Win/Mac editions appearing for testing tomorrow... I think!
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2013 Framework
  27th January, 2013
You all remember Cardagain, right?!

Cardagain was my first ever game on iOS, so it seems fitting that it also be my first on Android, too.
The basic idea is this...
A collection of pairs of cards appears onscreen, looking a bit like that crappy "pairs/concentration" game you used to play as a child.

The computer plays first, and picks one card from each pair.
You have to A) Remember the order, and B) Remember where each pair's matching card is.

Then it's your go.
Tap the remaining cards in the same order.
If you get any wrong, you lose lose a life. All correct, you get bonus points.
You also get a nice rising combo for every card you get correct, in a row.

The game is rather simple, but it works a treat.
It's not quite SpikeDislike, but I like it, and it gets your mind working. If you have a really good memory, it should be a doddle!

You can Download Cardagain here
Note, this is my first half-a-finished-game Android release, so expect rough edges, and if it fails to work at all, let me know.
In fact, if it DOES work, let me know that, too!

If you like it, and want more, come back here on Tuesday, when I'll repost this game with a few extra juicy bits, a test Windows exe, a HTML5 edition, and all the bug-fixes I can muster.
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2013 Framework
  26th January, 2013
Aaah, the joys of data compression!

OK, here's the complications with Monkey.

1. File Access is a little bit touch and go.
I've had a play with it, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
I'm not entirely sure why this is, but.. Whatever! For the meantime, until Mark Sibly's had time to get everything perfected, I'll be staying out of it's way.

2. Can't read a raw .png
This is annoying! For the past few years, I've been getting used to using .png files to store my level data.
I've even been doing it over at PlayMyCode!
Now, I can no longer do it, and that's just plain annoying!

So, what to do about all that level data?
Well, it just so happens that I have a handy little function ready and waiting, that I first started using back at College, 15 years ago, for JNKPlat 2!
Yes, that long ago!!
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2013 Framework
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