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  26th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold takes a trip through my archive of games, and plucks out any games that may have been previously released on this day in history.

Sometimes it finds recent games from the past few years of me doing AGameAWeek.

Other times, however, it finds really really really old games, from a time when the concept of doing a new game every week wasn't even a gleam in my eye!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  25th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold is a daily trip through the Jayenkai Archive, to see if I've previously released any games on this day in history.

Sometimes the day is uneventful. Not even I have managed enough to pad out every single day of the year!
Oddly, though, other days contain more than one game.

And today's one of those days!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  23rd May, 2013
During a moment of boredom, I wondered how long it'd take to remake my lovely Testcard Generator.
I attempted it in Monkey, and realised it wouldn't work very well given that I can't save an image.
Then I tried it in BlitzMax, but that wouldn't allow me to work with images bigger than the desktop. (My Laptop is 1366x768, and I wanted at least 1920x1080)
In the end I opted for Blitz3D.
Blitz3D lets me work in practically any resolution I can imagine, while scaling it nicely to fit on my screen.
Lovely stuff!!

So, a couple (5!?) of hours later, I'd fashioned a nice looking Testcard Generator, and slapped Idigidragon into the middle of it.

...Why not!!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  21st May, 2013
Or to give it it's full name, "One of These Will Kill You!".
This week's game is a semi-remake of sorts, but one which feels a little more complete than the original version.

Originally created as a PlayMyCode game, this version adds bonuses, along with some more obvious gameplay mechanics.
You should be able to follow along, this time around!
Read More
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  21st May, 2013
How far will you get, without clicking a bomb?
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Random , Death , Click , Guess
  20th May, 2013
As with all iOS PromoCodes, these are first come, first served, so you'll have to be nice and quick if you want one of these.

Grab what you can before they're all gone!


You can buy SpikeDislike2 here for iOS.
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Daily Blog
  19th May, 2013
SpikeDislike2 has just had a nice big update on the iOS AppStore, and I'm now thinking about what to add next, so I figured I'd make a nice rambling blog about it.

That's what this is!!

You can buy SpikeDislike2 in the AppStore! It's nice and cheap, and full of lovely juicy stuff!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  17th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold takes a look at the games that I've previously released on this day in history.

It's basically filler material!
But that's ok, because it's usually a nice trip down memory lane.Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  16th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold looks back through the many many many games of the past, and digs out old games that I've previously released on this day in history.
Today's is a bit of an odd co-incidence.

In stores, today, is GamesTM Issue 135, and in the Retro section is a lovingly crafted Demakes article, all about taking modern games and porting them to older systems. (They include a single screenshot of Spike C64 Dislike, and not much else about it at all.. hmmm.. But they do have a little interview with @Nyarluu about Forget-Me-Not, so that makes up for it!)

Although today's AGameAWeek Gold game isn't technically running on an older system, it is very much a game in the mold of a Demake, and could probably work pretty well if someone out there dared to do a proper old-system edition of it..

2008 - RetroRaider

I can't believe that this game is already five years old!

The game runs piss-poor slow on my laptop. I'm guessing the screen scaling technique is part of the problem, there, along with Windows 7 being too high-tech for it!! Not sure. Grrr.!

If it runs, though, it runs nicely, and plays quite well, too.
There's also a real-time level editor included, too, which is fun to play about with.

You can Download RetroRaider here. It's a cracking game, if your system can run it well enough

If you can't get it to run nice and smoothly, you can See RetroRaider running well here, in ChaoticLaw's recent YouTube Play video!

If you're still desperate for some RetroRaiding fun, You can Download RetroRaiderII here which is from 2010, and runs a bit smoother on my laptop, as well as being playable in Linux, or on a Mac! Woot!
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Agameaweek Gold
  14th May, 2013
A somewhat simple remake, this week, as I couldn't even be bothered to add anything new into the mix.
To be honest, this is one of those "Desperately trying to keep up a rate of AGameAWeek" games!

It's fun, though, and now works lovely on an Android device (assuming your Android device of choice plays nicely with it!)
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  14th May, 2013
Try your best, in this epic battle, as Idigidragon once again storms the city.
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Remake , Rawr , Dragon , Duck
  13th May, 2013
Googling for yourself rarely comes up with anything quite as fun as this!

It seems that YouTuber "Chaoticlaw" (and/or "YetAnotherLaw") has decided to start a series of "Let's Play" videos aimed right at me, and my games!!
Play JNK : Playlist

Each week, Chaoticlaw plucks a random game from my archive, and gives it a play!
He's also concurrently playing through Frogatto, Metroid Fusion and FTL.

Assuming he only picks the cream of the crop, I'd say he could probably keep that going for at least a year, so, yeah.. Probably more than enough content to keep the YouTube Watchers happy!

Oddly enough, his most viewed video so far is Storm of Idigidragon, which is co-incidentally the exact game I've chosen to remake this week!! Bizarre!! Look out for that, tomorrow!

Three cheers to ChaoticLaw for setting up this lovely series, and here's hoping he can get everything working again, soon!
You can Visit Chaotic Law's Blog here.
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Daily Blog
  12th May, 2013
Each day, AGameAWeek Gold takes a look through the archive, to dig up any games that I've previously released on this day in history.

Sometimes they're fantastic.
Other times they're garbage.

Let's have a look at today's, shall we!?
Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  8th May, 2013
Every day, AGameAWeek Gold takes a peek through the inexplicably large collection of releases, and digs out any old games that I've previously released on this day in history.
Occasionally there aren't any. I'm not fast enough to have that many!
But other times, there's more than one!
How odd!
Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  7th May, 2013
Hardly the worlds most imaginative title for this week's game, and mostly a cop-out graphics wise, but I was trying out a gameplay style, so that's where most of the focus went.

Was it a success?

.. You decide!!Read More
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  7th May, 2013
Match alike blocks, fast!
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Bejewelled , Match 3
  6th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold peeps through the Jayenkai Archive to see what games I've previously released on this day in history.

Occasionally we'll pluck out some real gems.

Today's a cracker!

.. or rather, today's TWO crackers!!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  4th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold delves through the Archive and plucks out any games that I've created, and have previously released on this day in history.

Some days, there'll be something special.
Some days, there'll be utter garbage!
And on other days, there are no games at all!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  3rd May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold, we look back in the day,
to try out old games, and have a fun play.
Sometimes we'll find something nice, and have fun,
whilst other times, games will be boring and dull.
Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  2nd May, 2013
Oooh, nearly forgot about this feature!

Anyway, as I was sat wondering which of my current two projects to tackle, this morning, I inevitably decided to waste a few minutes making something entirely unrelated.

This month's wallpaper used two separate programs!!
First, the Windows program PaintShop Pro 7 was used to doodle the sprite, and get the image up to a nice big resolution, then the iPad App Pixlr Express+ was used to add a nice filter over the top.
Does that make it more interesting?
But there you have it!!

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Daily Blog
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