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Since I'm having to deal with html-responses in a raw fashion, I'm seeing a few quirks in the way that the different servers send their replies.

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Views 4, Upvotes 1, 21st January, 2018
Daily Blog
Complications based on servers,
Sending different data.
I tried to understand the change,
And hope it won't break, later.
Views 2, Upvotes 1, 21st January, 2018
Platdude hates taking BabyPlat for a walk.
Mostly because everyone stops to say hi, and it ends up taking an hour to do what should be a ten minute shopping trip.
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 21st January, 2018
I spent most of the night, switched off from coding, and instead watched a lot of YouTube stuff.

Lots of complaining about YouTube's stupid new Ad-Revenue rules, meaning hundreds and thousands of vloggers are being hit hard.

In addition, @Geekanoids is having a terrible time after a burst pipe caused oodles of damage to his Studio.

In many ways, YouTube isn't the greatness it used to be, but annoyingly they've pretty much destroyed any and all competition, so people are stuck with it.
There's always Vimeo.. .... But who uses that?!

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Views 7, Upvotes 2, 20th January, 2018
Daily Blog
A nighttime awake,
Watching YouTube galore.
Their revenue stolen,
Much worse than before.
Views 3, Upvotes 1, 20th January, 2018
Platdude's enjoying the relaxed nature of the ride, but it's not very exciting.
Views 5, Upvotes 2, 20th January, 2018
Fairground , Duck
The scoreboard admin page has been "broken" for a long while.

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Views 5, Upvotes 1, 19th January, 2018
Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
The new server has a great virus-scanning feature, which blocks any downloads should the file contain any kind of possible dodgyness.

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Views 6, Upvotes 2, 19th January, 2018
Daily Blog
All my games are virus free,
I check them all the time.
But false alerts are common things,
Don't worry, though. They're still fine!
Views 2, Upvotes 1, 19th January, 2018
Daily Blog
Platdude and his friend Boopybot are having an epic Dance Off.
Who will win!?
Views 4, Upvotes 1, 19th January, 2018
Dance , Disco
Update Jan 18th 2018 - Added Analysing Fortifications

  Analysing Atmospheres
  Analysing Butterflies
  Analysing Corruption

Total 6 tracks
Views 29, Upvotes 2, 19th January, 2018
You'd be amazed how many errors have cropped up in the AGameAWeek script!
The previous server was setup to display major errors onscreen, rather than logging them, but the new server logs EVERYTHING!!!

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Views 8, Upvotes 2, 18th January, 2018
Daily Blog
Speedy and Quick,
This server is slick.
I give bugs a kick,
To make it all it tick.
Views 4, Upvotes 1, 18th January, 2018
Even with his epic Space Blaster, Platdude's still being overrun by the alien creatures!
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 18th January, 2018
Our new server overlords have been chosen.
AGameAWeek and Socoder now exist on a Kloudhost server.

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Views 16, Upvotes 3, 17th January, 2018
Daily Blog
Another new server.
I hope this one lasts.
At least in the meantime,
It's certainly fast.
Views 7, Upvotes 0, 17th January, 2018
Once again, Platdude learns he has no idea how to sail a ship.
He's asking for assistance.
Views 8, Upvotes 1, 17th January, 2018
If you're a frequent visitor, you've probably noticed the occasional MySQL "Too many connections" error cropping up on the site.

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Views 13, Upvotes 2, 16th January, 2018
Daily Blog
As things are running smoothly,
Another issue lurks.
The server's not quite stable,
And stutters when it works.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 16th January, 2018
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