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AGameAWeek - How it Started
6th May 2021  
Yesterday, me and Michael Fernie got into a back&forth about AGameAWeek history, the reasons for the creation of old games and whatnot.

He suggested I start some kind of "trip down memory lane" thing, discussing old games and talking about what made me make them.
The answer to a LOT of the early AGameAWeek classics is, of course, Wednesday Workshop.


Wednesday Workshop was a set of forum posts I started over at the now defunct site. Owned by an evil company, the forum was at least a nice place to socialise and discuss the Blitz varieties of languages.

For Wednesday Workshop, each Wednesday a theme would be picked, and games had to be made in that theme, before the next Wednesday.
It's what kids these days would call a Jam, but we did it every week, and me and a few others would make weekly games.
This is pretty much how a habit formed!! Don't do it, kids!!

After the evil Idigidragon (RAWR! STOMP STOMP) destroyed our forum, Wednesday Workshop continued through to a new forum SoCoder, which I had to hastily build from the ground up to replace CodersWorkshop.
SoCoder exists because of Wednesday Workshop. If people didn't see me at the time as "The Wednesday Workshop Organiser Guy", I probably would never have bothered to build a new forum.

Over time, however Wednesday Workshop slowly died a death, with fewer people joining in with the adventure each week. It's a lot of work to keep up a rate of a new game EVERY week, you know!!

Yet, I continued.. Every week..

My personal blog (The Jay Site) had existed for a couple of years, but barely any content existed, and what was there was scattered into various sections.
Since Wednesday Workshop had more or less become a solo thing, I opted to rebrand the blog as, and start making the weekly games bigger and better.

Wednesday Workshop eventually fell by the wayside, and officially ended in 2010, after about 3 months of not having any entries whatsoever.
And yet I carried the torch, over at the new, and over the past decade I think I've more or less managed to do something to that effect.


You can Visit the Wednesday Workshop page over at SoCoder. I've kept it there for archival purposes, because I appear to be some kind of online-hoarder, or something.
Be aware that all the stuff is old, so quite a lot might not work any more!


In our next look-back, I'll be talking about having a dead-end job in a local convenience store is great for funding an insane amount of crazy gamedev, whilst giving you a ton of thinking time, sitting in an empty shop, waiting for customers to show up..

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