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  10th March, 2018
A tool to aid in the playing of Real World Scrabble. You can use this to add up word values, keep track of scores, and it even has minimal word checking integrated, too.
This tool works great when run on a board-side tablet*.

(*Landscape only! I lazily haven't added Portrait buttons.)
Views 192, Upvotes 10, 10th March, 2018
Scrabble , Words , Board
  13th March, 2017
Guide your hero through the crazy world of castles, defending yourself from the piles of monsters.
Views 1643, Upvotes 4, 13th March, 2017
  6th September, 2016
Place the letters to make 3 letter words.
Views 884, Upvotes 2, 6th September, 2016
Words , Stringy
  27th June, 2016
Can you find the one word in the grid? It's harder than it sounds!
Views 1122, Upvotes 10, 27th June, 2016
Puzzle , Words , Word Trundle
  2nd February, 2016
Pop the words as fast as you can find them.
Views 1379, Upvotes 6, 2nd February, 2016
Stringy , Words , Puzzle , Stringy Things
  24th May, 2011
Find the word!
Views 1219, Upvotes 9, 24th May, 2011
Word Search , Wordsearch , Word Trundle
  29th June, 2010
Type the scrambled words.
Views 1690, Upvotes 7, 29th June, 2010
  11th June, 2010
Try to score within the target allocated
Views 2154, Upvotes 6, 11th June, 2010
Words , Scrabble , Puzzle , Relaxed
  17th February, 2009
A collection of Crossword puzzles, with a usable interface, for DS
Views 2074, Upvotes 7, 17th February, 2009
String , Word , Puzzle , Crosswords
  10th April, 2005
Type on the words as they come on the screen.
Views 1367, Upvotes 30, 10th April, 2005
Munky , Typing
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