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The Pigeon's found a wonderful area full of little blue treats. Try to eat as many as you can, but .. as always.. Spike Dislike!
Views 421, Upvotes 2, 15th July, 2017
Hoppy Bobby , Flappadiddle
Flap across the screen, stepping on the blue blocks as you go.
Views 1214, Upvotes 3, 13th May, 2017
Platform , Flap , Spike
Guide your Clampett through the world, eating all the little tasty dots.
Views 1643, Upvotes 2, 11th February, 2017
Platform , Endless
Gather up the coins whilst avoiding the spikes.
Views 1820, Upvotes 1, 10th January, 2017
Underwater , Spike , Collect , My Little
Fight for survival, as an onslaught of enemy Spikes dare to attack. How long can you last?
Views 1349, Upvotes 1, 8th March, 2016
Beat-em-up , Spike
Guide your ball, carefully, through the chaotic maze of spikes.
Views 1098, Upvotes 0, 9th February, 2016
Spiike , Random , Chance , Board
You all know the drill!
Views 3955, Upvotes 7, 12th June, 2015
Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
All of your favourite sprites return, in this curious remake of the Spike Dodging classic.
Views 1163, Upvotes 0, 26th April, 2014
Spike , Dislike , Spikedislike , Ludum Dare
How far up the tower can you get?
Views 1692, Upvotes 3, 4th March, 2014
Spike , Dislike , Jump , Avoid
Guide the ball and avoid the spikes!
Views 14901, Upvotes 0, 13th August, 2013
Snake , Puzzle
Grab all the coins, whilst avoiding the spikes.
Views 694, Upvotes 0, 2nd July, 2013
Swim , Catch , Splat
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Bounce as far as you can!
Views 3175, Upvotes 7, 5th March, 2013
Jump , Hop , Bounce , Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!
Grab the Syrup, Avoid the Spikes!
Views 1046, Upvotes 1, 21st February, 2012
Platform , Collect , Slurp
Dodge the spikes, while flying your crazy crazy plane!
Views 534, Upvotes 1, 22nd July, 2011
Spike , Dislike
Avoid the spikes and grab the coins. You only have One red balloon!
Views 490, Upvotes 0, 19th July, 2011
Spike , Dislike , Floaty
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Bounce as far as you can!
Views 18920, Upvotes 17, 4th January, 2011
Jump , Hop , Bounce , Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!
Destroy all the nasty looking spikes, before more arrive.
Views 2235, Upvotes 2, 11th May, 2010
Shoot-em-up , Arena , Swarm
Extinguish the flaming balls, then destroy their spikes!
Views 3111, Upvotes 2, 9th March, 2010
Mar10 , Remake
Paint the blocks orange, whilst avoiding the spikey things.
Views 1820, Upvotes 48, 1st September, 2009
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