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Widdal's decided to have a wander through the garden, to pick some flowers. He has a very large garden!
Views 1219, Upvotes 3, 31st July, 2016
Oldskool , Platformer , Mario
Climb the endless tower, and battle against the masses of wandering turtles.
Views 1430, Upvotes 2, 2nd May, 2016
Mario , Platform , Bump
Hop through space, and onto the Squishies!
Views 1422, Upvotes 7, 26th April, 2014
Gravity , Fiery , Forth , Mario , Galaxy
Run, Pick things up, Hit things.. You know the drill..
Views 783, Upvotes 3, 29th February, 2012
Mario , Spriterip
Guide Hooper from platform to platform, squishing as many squishies as he can in a single bound.
Views 716, Upvotes 2, 27th July, 2011
Mario , Platform
Guide the blocklets home.
Views 3071, Upvotes 9, 30th March, 2010
Mar10 , Remake , Blockman Platform
Try to collect as many of the 200+ coins as you can.
Views 2671, Upvotes 8, 16th March, 2010
Mar10 , Remake
Extinguish the flaming balls, then destroy their spikes!
Views 3127, Upvotes 4, 9th March, 2010
Mar10 , Remake
Hop on the hen's heads, and grab all the points that you can.
Views 2191, Upvotes 6, 2nd March, 2010
Mar10 , Remake
Abandoned early due to rubbish Mario sprites!
Views 2460, Upvotes 19, 21st August, 2006
Remake , Mario
Grab enough stars to make it past each level.
Views 1477, Upvotes 34, 25th May, 2006
Mario , Remake , Platformer
Try to get to the castle first.
Views 925, Upvotes 2, 12th December, 2005
Multiplayer , Board , Mario
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