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18 results
Smash the balls, and beat the bats! This test edition will be expanded in November.
Views 4375, Upvotes 19, 20th September, 2011
Neonplat , Neoplat , Incomplete
Sheep Goes Left, lovingly recreated as Nintendo DS homebrew.
Views 1270, Upvotes 9, 7th August, 2011
Beta , Incomplete
Help Gravity Bob collect all the colored boxes.
Views 1471, Upvotes 19, 13th July, 2009
Incomplete , Puzzle
A quick test of JNKPlat in 3D
Views 2091, Upvotes 27, 1st June, 2009
Incomplete , Puzzle , Platdude
Push all the dust into the hidden area.
Views 1757, Upvotes 44, 28th April, 2009
Dust , Incomplete
Blast the ships to send them flying.
Views 1415, Upvotes 3, 10th March, 2009
Broken , Incomplete
Try to hit exactly the target shown on the board.
Views 1559, Upvotes 2, 9th December, 2008
Incomplete , Sports
Head to the right, but don't get shot.
Views 1424, Upvotes 4, 23rd September, 2008
Incomplete , Avoid
Hit all the ramps!
Views 1523, Upvotes 3, 20th August, 2007
Incomplete , Sports
Dodge the walls, pick up the boxes, ignore the dodgyness!
Views 1483, Upvotes 4, 15th April, 2007
Incomplete , Avoid
Dodge the walls and get as far as you can.
Views 1233, Upvotes 6, 12th February, 2007
Incomplete , Avoid
Move the mouse up to add lift to the plane
Views 1068, Upvotes 5, 8th December, 2006
Roll the egg to the goal without falling.
Views 2062, Upvotes 25, 18th April, 2006
Incomplete , Platformer
Collect zombies and take them home.
Views 1301, Upvotes 1, 28th March, 2006
Flicky , Collect , Incomplete
Jump your way to the exit.
Views 1512, Upvotes 22, 20th February, 2006
Remake , Incomplete , Platformer
Create a character and then trapse around a dungeon for no real reason!
Views 1237, Upvotes 7, 7th February, 2005
Dungeon , Adventure , Heroquest , Incomplete
Nice style, shame about the controls.
Views 1440, Upvotes 5, 29th December, 2003
Experimental , Platdude , Platformer , Incomplete
An attempt to cram a lot of elements into one game, but which badly needed better collision detection!
Views 1305, Upvotes 7, 28th September, 2002
Platdude , Experimental , Incomplete , Platformer
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