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8 results
  11th February, 2017
Guide your Clampett through the world, eating all the little tasty dots.
Views 1801, Upvotes 8, 11th February, 2017
Platform , Endless
  20th June, 2016
A simple task. Just run over the floor tiles. Collect 50 tiles to beat each level.
Views 1370, Upvotes 3, 20th June, 2016
Platform , Endless
  10th May, 2016
Mr Henry is having a stroll outside, whilst his magical hat gathers all the gems.
Views 1081, Upvotes 4, 10th May, 2016
Platform , Endless
  2nd May, 2016
Climb the endless tower, and battle against the masses of wandering turtles.
Views 1512, Upvotes 6, 2nd May, 2016
Mario , Platform , Bump
  12th June, 2015
You all know the drill!
Views 4248, Upvotes 28, 12th June, 2015
Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
  27th May, 2014
Guide Platdude through the tube, grabbing all the stars.
Views 1279, Upvotes 10, 27th May, 2014
Endless Runner , Dodge , Fast
  27th January, 2014
Make your way through the endless forest, dodging all the evil things that appear along the way.
Views 1603, Upvotes 11, 27th January, 2014
  30th July, 2013
Match 3 or more coloured blocks, and stop the playfield from overflowing.
Views 1238, Upvotes 20, 30th July, 2013
Puzznic , Vexed , Boom , Match-3
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