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6 results
Destroy the bugs before they cause another crash.
Views 328, Upvotes 12, 7th August, 2017
Chain Reaction , Explosions , Splodings
Hold down the buttons to score some points. Don't hold them too long, though, as they may explode! A game semi-suggested by Dan Bull.
Views 900, Upvotes 0, 23rd August, 2016
Dan Bull , Bug , No Mans Sky
Guide your friends carefully along the maze of Fans. Try not to kill them all!!
Views 1078, Upvotes 1, 28th March, 2016
Maze , Rescue , Top-down
Guide the Daisies home, whilst avoiding the evil bugs.
Views 640, Upvotes 3, 2nd August, 2011
Kill all the bugs
Views 525, Upvotes 3, 7th July, 2011
Help Dave decide what to do about Ian Prices bug.
Views 1392, Upvotes 4, 31st August, 2007
Point , Click , Adventure , Codas
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