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6 results
Destroy the bugs before they cause another crash.
Views 407, Upvotes 17, 7th August, 2017
Chain Reaction , Explosions , Splodings
Hold down the buttons to score some points. Don't hold them too long, though, as they may explode! A game semi-suggested by Dan Bull.
Views 933, Upvotes 1, 23rd August, 2016
Dan Bull , Bug , No Mans Sky
Guide your friends carefully along the maze of Fans. Try not to kill them all!!
Views 1103, Upvotes 2, 28th March, 2016
Maze , Rescue , Top-down
Help Dave decide what to do about Ian Prices bug.
Views 1425, Upvotes 6, 31st August, 2007
Point , Click , Adventure , Codas
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