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17 results
Poke the blocks back where they're supposed to be.
Views 513, Upvotes 25, 25th September, 2017
Shuffle , Blocks , Puzzle
Flap across the screen, stepping on the blue blocks as you go.
Views 1299, Upvotes 7, 13th May, 2017
Platform , Flap , Spike
The sky is falling down! Leap at the clusters with like-coloured hexes, and see if you can save the halls from destruction.
Views 2007, Upvotes 3, 30th January, 2017
Match-3 , Puzzle
Gather up the blue boxes by dropping them into the red slots.
Views 1109, Upvotes 4, 24th July, 2016
Push , Blocks , Pengo
Guide the falling blocks so that they create clusters of colours.
Views 1555, Upvotes 5, 16th May, 2016
Tetris , Puzzle , Blocks , Clusters , Clumps
Match three alike coloured blocks in this extremely fast-paced block shuffling game.
Views 1303, Upvotes 2, 29th February, 2016
Match-3 , Puzzle
Help Munky gather his blocks, in this loving recreation of the original.
Views 1735, Upvotes 8, 8th September, 2014
Puzzle , Platform , Munky , Match3 , Munky Blocks
Match 3 or more coloured blocks, and stop the playfield from overflowing.
Views 1180, Upvotes 12, 30th July, 2013
Puzznic , Vexed , Boom , Match-3
Match alike blocks, fast!
Views 1259, Upvotes 2, 7th May, 2013
Bejewelled , Match 3
Help Harry Carry all the blocks so they match up.
Views 444, Upvotes 1, 15th July, 2011
Block , Colour , Match
Match the blocks to clear the levels.
Views 500, Upvotes 1, 3rd June, 2011
Match 3
Get all of Munky's Blocks in order.
Views 4713, Upvotes 15, 24th November, 2009
Puzzle , Strategy , Remake
Paint the blocks orange, whilst avoiding the spikey things.
Views 1842, Upvotes 48, 1st September, 2009
Guide the worm through the maze, avoid the blocks, and beware the edge.
Views 1606, Upvotes 28, 12th May, 2009
Remake , Maze
Push the blocks into the holes to complete the levels.
Views 1550, Upvotes 18, 3rd March, 2009
Maze , Strategy , Puzzle , Blocks , Sokoban
Get the ball up. Bounce on the same coloured blocks to score combos.
Views 1451, Upvotes 6, 21st October, 2008
Help munky connect all the alike coloured blocks.
Views 2047, Upvotes 29, 14th July, 2008
Munky , Puzzle , Strategy
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