The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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Trawling through pages.
Memories of old.
Games, sites and coding.
And storied untold.
Views 25, Upvotes 4, 24th September, 2017
Sidetracked by errors.
Those always come first.
It's better to fix things,
Before they all burst.
Views 30, Upvotes 2, 23rd September, 2017
The server was down,
And no-one's sure why.
I'm not sure how I'll solve this,
But I'm going to try.
Views 25, Upvotes 4, 22nd September, 2017
Wandering round and climbing up hills,
Then cooking the things that I've found.
Six months later, I'm still playing Zelda,
The Switch and the Cartridge are bound.
Views 26, Upvotes 1, 21st September, 2017
I click the iTunes icons,
to create an iPad backup.
I've waited more than 20 minutes,
The program's still not up.
Views 30, Upvotes 3, 20th September, 2017
Using the Mac to try out iPhoneX,
The simulator runs too slow.
At least the blob doesn't break SpikeDislike.
I guess that's good to know.
Views 32, Upvotes 2, 19th September, 2017
Back to coding games again,
It feels like months have passed.
But looking back, it's only been,
Two weeks since I made the last.
Views 24, Upvotes 2, 18th September, 2017
All the things that I've done,
Whilst rebuilding the blog.
Yet so many forgotten,
That are lost in the fog.
Views 28, Upvotes 3, 17th September, 2017
As the site comes together,
The gaps all appear.
With luck I'll have filled them
By this time next year.
Views 15, Upvotes 2, 16th September, 2017
I didn't expect to code it all,
But the comment section's in.
Now to sit and watch for spam,
And throw it in the bin.
Views 16, Upvotes 3, 15th September, 2017
It looks like it's done,
But the job's incomplete.
I need to keep working,
On the new AGameAWeek.
Views 20, Upvotes 2, 14th September, 2017
Add another element,
Do a dry run.
All seems to work.
Soon I'll be done.
Views 17, Upvotes 1, 13th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
A few more small tweaks,
And the task is complete.
The new site is ready,
But took more than a week!
Views 22, Upvotes 4, 12th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
The end is in sight.
I can see it ahead.
I hope it works well.
It's failure I dread.
Views 15, Upvotes 1, 11th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
There isn't much to write about,
Development is quite dull.
When all you code is a website,
and GameDev's in a lull.
Views 12, Upvotes 2, 10th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
So many complications,
This site is rather large.
I work all day and then all night.
I need time to recharge.
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 9th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
The list of things to do goes on.
And all the tweaks need tweaking.
I only hope, with all this work,
The list of tweaks is peaking.
Views 13, Upvotes 1, 8th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
Delving deep within the code,
And building up the site.
There's lots to do, and tons to fix,
Whilst coding through the night.
Views 11, Upvotes 1, 7th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
Everything's coming together.
It certainly seems to run.
More steps in how I post things, though.
The change might not be fun!
Views 17, Upvotes 3, 6th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
A time passes by,
And technology becomes great.
The past becomes fragile,
My old games start to break.
Views 13, Upvotes 2, 5th September, 2017
Poetry Corner
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