The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  24th February, 2018
Things are getting sorted.
The printer's printing well.
Now to finish off my game,
Hiding bugs so you can't tell.
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  23rd February, 2018
Today is my birthday.
I'm having a treat.
There'll be cake and some biscuits,
And noodles to eat!
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  22nd February, 2018
Another day prodding the printer again.
It's still isn't working, quite yet.
I need to perfect all my methods, I think.
And note them down, lest I forget.
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  21st February, 2018
Taking the time to understand,
The things I need to know.
All the rules and methods,
Which will make the printer go.
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  20th February, 2018
A day of disappointments.
Of things that didn't work.
Today I must avoid the things,
Which make me feel a berk.
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  19th February, 2018
Coding is often a curious thing.
Finding bugs can be a buzz.
Sometimes you're sure that it's going to break,
But it's no less annoying when it does.
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  18th February, 2018
I ordered a 3D Printer.
I guess I'll have to learn.
How to model 3D things,
That people can discern.
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  17th February, 2018
People keep posting such wonderful clues,
As to how to develop your game.
But they seem to be leaving out all of the bits,
That are needed to reach where you aim.
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  16th February, 2018
Awake with a breakfast.
Some toast and a brew.
My stomach's still growling.
But there's coding to do.
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  15th February, 2018
I love to write my blog each day,
But sometimes it's quite dull.
There's not a lot to write about,
When my day has not been full.
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  14th February, 2018
Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #EE82EE
I love to sit and code all day.
It doesn't leave me queasy.
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  13th February, 2018
Star Trek is over.
The season is gone.
But soon there'll be more!
Discovery lives on.
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  12th February, 2018
Snow is falling from the sky.
The clouds are fluffy and white.
I hope my hands don't get too cold.
I've coding to finish, tonight.
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  11th February, 2018
Typing in the code.
Hope it all works out.
My code, it will be broken.
I never have a doubt.
Views 14, Upvotes 3, 11th February, 2018
  10th February, 2018
Coding away,
In a zombie like mode.
I'm so busy typing,
My coffee's gone cold.
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  9th February, 2018
Taking all the feedback.
Fixing up the game.
The engine needs improving.
So that'll be my aim.
Views 18, Upvotes 4, 9th February, 2018
  8th February, 2018
The coding will continue,
But today will be a break.
Life is more important,
And AGameAWeek can wait.
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  7th February, 2018
I struggled again.
The Droid makes my head sore.
The effort required,
Is more than I care for.
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  6th February, 2018
The kitchen's in need of new worktops.
The cost of house keeping is high.
With windows to purchase and a bathroom to mend,
The house won't be done 'til I die.
Views 22, Upvotes 5, 6th February, 2018
  5th February, 2018
I'm trying my best to stay focused,
To achieve all the things that I need.
But it's easy to get myself sidetracked,
By the new coding functions I've freed.
Views 26, Upvotes 7, 5th February, 2018
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