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The monsters have claimed this dungeon as their own. Show them who's boss.
Views 228, Upvotes 11, 23rd October, 2017
Shoot-em-up , Castles
Sheepy needs to know what's on the other side of the Spike field.
Guide Sheepy carefully.
Views 297, Upvotes 18, 9th October, 2017
Spikedislike , Jump , Platform
Poke the blocks back where they're supposed to be.
Views 483, Upvotes 20, 25th September, 2017
Shuffle , Blocks , Puzzle
The Sheriff has found an ominous pile of cards lying in the sand. Whatever might be lurking within?
Views 390, Upvotes 21, 28th August, 2017
Card , Shoot-em-up
Bounce the Balls back and forth against the enemy paddle.
Views 1844, Upvotes 18, 14th August, 2017
Bat , Ball , Pong
Destroy the bugs before they cause another crash.
Views 374, Upvotes 14, 7th August, 2017
Chain Reaction , Explosions , Splodings
I only wanted a midnight snack. Where are all the monsters coming from?
Views 418, Upvotes 7, 24th July, 2017
Dark , Torch , Shoot-em-up
The Pigeon's found a wonderful area full of little blue treats. Try to eat as many as you can, but .. as always.. Spike Dislike!
Views 639, Upvotes 9, 15th July, 2017
Hoppy Bobby , Flappadiddle
Roll the ball through the maze to reach the goal.
Views 497, Upvotes 9, 10th July, 2017
Puzzle , Maze
Time to go golfing.
Views 777, Upvotes 12, 26th June, 2017
Golf , Sports
Laura Plat is raiding her way around the map, searching for the Three Crystals. Can you help her find them?
Views 699, Upvotes 7, 19th June, 2017
Retroraider , Demake , Pitfall , Tombraider , Retroraider
Disco Bert is trapped inside the pyramid. Help him find the key to escape.
Views 916, Upvotes 9, 5th June, 2017
Oh Mummy , Remake , Egyptologist
The deadliest weapons come in gigantic missile shaped packages.
Views 931, Upvotes 7, 29th May, 2017
Tank , Missile , Gravity
The squares are emerging from their hibernation pod. Stop them at all costs!
Views 769, Upvotes 8, 22nd May, 2017
Shoot-em-up , Testcard
Flap across the screen, stepping on the blue blocks as you go.
Views 1292, Upvotes 6, 13th May, 2017
Platform , Flap , Spike
This game is glitched.
Views 1440, Upvotes 7, 29th April, 2017
Minigames , Warioware
Escape from the oncoming lava flow, using your epic jumping skills.
Views 1109, Upvotes 7, 24th April, 2017
Platform , Wiz N Liz
Push the crates towards the buttons with the added complexity that all the crates move together!
Views 1426, Upvotes 9, 17th April, 2017
Puzzle , Maze , Crates , Sokoban
Platdude dons a Samurai outfit, and gathers up the shiny blue spheres.
Views 1360, Upvotes 11, 10th April, 2017
Platdude , Platform
Paint the maze blue, but watch out for the spinning gems!
Views 1244, Upvotes 5, 3rd April, 2017
Painter , Maze
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