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  2nd October, 2011
On September 30th, I had one game to cope with.
Today I was juggling 4!!
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Daily Blog
  1st October, 2011
One at a time.
Get the task done, finish the game entirely, move onto the next.
Our current task is NeonPlat Adventures.
Let's see how much I added today..

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Daily Blog
  30th September, 2011
NeonPlat Stats So Far

Throwables : 3 (still the same 3!?)
Objects : 8
Baddies : 9
Bosses : 1
Background styles : 1.5! (first complete, 2nd half done but needs tweaked so everything isn't dodgy looking blue squares!)
Level types : 3'ish (depending on how I tweak the numbers)
Music : 2'ish (2 very similar tunes, and a separate "Boss Time" tune.)

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Daily Blog
  26th September, 2011
Had another Migraine day, today, and thus managed to accomplish bog all.

'tis a bit of a downpoint, considering how productive I've been over the past couple of weeks, but I pretty much ended up reading forums, messing about on Twitter, and.. .. Relaxing a bit.
Because, apparently that's important, even when you're kicking ass making a really great platformer. Go figure!

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  24th September, 2011
Apologies for the lack of daily blog/rant lately. Work schedule is crazy, sleep schedule is crazy, and AGameAWeek schedule is also all messed up.

Well... I say that..
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Daily Blog
  23rd September, 2011
A quick and simple Boulderdash clone, written using PlayMyCode.com

PlayMyCode games no longer work

Reason : I asked for PMC-Based Boulderdash clones in this week's Socoder Newsletter, so figured I'd best do one, just incase nobody else did..
If you make one, let me know!
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  21st September, 2011
Over a year and a half ago, I made a Music Framework thing to go in my BlitzMax framework.
It achieved a fairly modest passable amount of music, and was used in both JNKPlat2010 and NeonPlat2.
I stick in a few melodies, it goes twiddle-dee-dee, and out pops a bunch of pseudo random music.

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Daily Blog
  20th September, 2011
The Demo, already!!!?

This is nice and playable, so I thought I'd spout out a nice demo for everyone.

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  20th September, 2011
Smash the balls, and beat the bats! This test edition will be expanded in November.
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Neonplat , Neoplat , Incomplete
  19th September, 2011
Another day, and still lots of back-n-forth on NeonPlat decisions.
There's a lot of gameplay emerging, and it'll be fun trying to pull it all off.
Even without a working editor, and still having everything be pseudo random, things are playable, enemy are spawning, and NeonPlat keeps enjoying himself!

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Daily Blog
  19th September, 2011
Much as I expected, the initial burst of NeonPlat Adventure building, has now dropped to a stupidly slow rate.
I'm currently flicking through all the possibilities for standard baddies, and super-evil-mega-boss baddies.
Will the boss baddies be entirely seperate entities?
Or will they, like previous NeonPlat games, be the same baddies, but megasized!?

And what enemy types will work!?
I've already cut out the unpopular "squishy" baddy.
People didn't like him, because he wasn't catchable in spheres. Silly moaning people
So, he's gone. All* enemy (*cough*) will be catchable.
I've added 2 new enemies so far.
1 is a little wandering guy, made to test the "turn around at the end of a floor!" function. .. that works!
2 is a spike.

The spike was originally going to be a bog-standard floor tile, but in NeonWorld, with lots of NeonBlur, the spike inexplicably looked like a mushroom!!!!

Given the platformy style of the game, I kept wanting to eat the mushrooms, so .. obviously, that had to go!
Instead, the spike is now looking more like the Sheep Goes Left one, and is a nice big rotating splodge with spikes, spinning around and around in a stationary position.
... But you can't catch it in a sphere!

Backgrounds for worlds 1 and 2 are half done, in that I've kinda figured out how the tiles will be laid out, but haven't yet done all the different tiles, nor have I decided on all the possible variations. Lots to be done!

As for the editor.

I'm still playing the game without edited levels.
It's fun!
It's kinda messy, though, when giant walls block your path, and you have to wait out the scrolling enough that the wall kills you.
That's the current pseudo-random issue, and kinda the reason I want to build the editor.

It's odd, though, how much I'm already learning the paths of the random levels.

With that in mind, I'm starting to consider the possibility of a half/half editor. Something that starts with a random level, then lets you tweak it until it's just right.
That could work, right?!
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Daily Blog
  16th September, 2011
I've been mulling over this post for a few days, now, but the guy at work mentioned them being super cheap, and I found myself in a more pressed position.
Would I, or wouldn't I?
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Daily Blog
  14th September, 2011
For the past few weeks, I've gotten myself into a schedule on Wednesdays.
Worklog posting on Socoder,
iDev on the Mac,
and now NNI Game of the Week, too.

Today, all those things didn't happen.

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Daily Blog
  13th September, 2011
Today's plan
Make a Font
Add a Baddy

How much of the plan did I manage to actually bother to do?!?

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Daily Blog
  12th September, 2011

Platdude vs NeonPlat

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Daily Blog
  11th September, 2011
Fuck game developers, and Fuck their publishers, too..
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Daily Blog
  9th September, 2011
It's September.
My boss is about to go on his hols, and I'm more or less at a nice "Not too much" level of codey work.
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Daily Blog
  7th September, 2011
Sheep Goes Left now has two versions of it's soundtrack!

Disc One : The iOS Soundtrack : 20 tracks, plus the opening jingle!

Disc Two : The DS Homebrew Soundtrack : 20 tracks, all rearranged into little mods, then oddly upscaled back to MP3s to be playable at www.archive.org!.

I'll be posting the mod files in a few days, once the latest game release is finished..

Sheepy'll see you soon!
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Daily Blog
  6th September, 2011


Tonights blog is sickeningly self-congratulatory

The Jay Archive total now says a whopping 260 games!
Is it True?!
Look inside!!

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Daily Blog
  5th September, 2011
Sorry folks, kinda ran out of oomph again, there!

Now, Where were we?

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Daily Blog
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