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  7th November, 2011
Oh yeah, iDev annoys the shit out of me..
Never mind, carry on.

Coming up shortly, Jay attempts to reconstruct his level construction gubbins, one line at a time.
But not right now.
'cos trying to get a decent speed on that tilemap (which no longer has nicely associated background tilemaps like the PC version) took absolutely sodding ages, and that's without any sprites floating about.
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Daily Blog
  6th November, 2011
I wasn't aiming to do the Final Beta until about Wed/Thursday this week.
Today, the Final Beta went out.
A few days early, but there was nothing more I could come up with.
The game is done.

There's been a few tweaks, today, to sort out a couple of beta-player's issues, and I've been fiddling with some of those slightly annoying things that I never got around to fixing.
.. but yeah, it's done.
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Daily Blog
  4th November, 2011
For a while, today, you started the game with 8 lives instead of just 5.
Then a few people on Twitter suggested I should put it back.
If you can't complete it, don't blame me
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Daily Blog
  3rd November, 2011
And I've still got a todo-list as long as my leg!!!

If I want a few people to beta-test the final-ish edition, that's gotta be done by about Wednesday, I think.
So, I have about 5 days or so to get everything done, now.
After that, hope for the best, and get everything bundled for the coming Sunday.
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Daily Blog
  1st November, 2011
Before I headed off to work, I made a new little video.
Or, rather, I tried to make a "little" video, yet it inexplicably ended up at over 300Mb!!!

So, with an approximate 450 Minutes remaining on the clock, I left for work, and the upload continued.

I'm now back from work, and 2 people have already commented on the video!

Awesome, folk are watching my silly vids
(and not ALL of the subscribers have turned out to be spambots!!)

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Daily Blog
  1st November, 2011
I'm sitting here trying to come up with a multitude of silly Badges/Accomplishments/Awards, and inexplicably getting nowhere.
Not sure why.
I DID have a list.
I think it might've vanished during my iOS upgrade sessions.

Silly thing.

Today's task will be to add as many of those as is humanly possible, as well as finally sorting out the Level Builder once and for all..


Late night tweaking resulted in a couple of nice new features, and I also got around to semi-starting that End Credit screen.
It doesn't do much, and is far too scrolly and uninteractive for my liking.
Not sure if it'll stay like that, but at least it works, so if I don't get around to any additions, it won't be a big issue.

Other than that, there's nothing else of note that happened.
A few tweaks, but nothing that anyone would probably even notice!
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Daily Blog
  31st October, 2011

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Daily Blog
  30th October, 2011
I think I'm full of the evil man-flu..
.. or rather, I hope that's what it is!

Spent last night in a strange awakened stupor, and then spent a good 5 hours completely zonked out.

I got a few bits and pieces done last night, though, so that's ok
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Daily Blog
  29th October, 2011
And I'll be doing nothing again, today.
.. well..

.. I say nothing..

What I mean is, I don't have a great big 12 item checklist to do, and I won't be struggling to type by the end of the day!!
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Daily Blog
  28th October, 2011


(If you're bored, why not look back at previous blog posts, read between the lines, and see if you can spot how much that damn calendar's been ticking me off!!!)
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Daily Blog
  27th October, 2011
Today, I became a complete and total recluse!

It was the only way it was all going to get crammed into the day.

Let's go through last night's list, shall we?
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Daily Blog
  27th October, 2011
I've done a LOT of work since yesterday.
All 50 hats are in, 50 chrs are in, and I've stripped out a whole bunch of annoying quirky bugs.

There's one really annoying "Got stuck again" issue that I need to weed out, but I can't figure out the best way to do it, so I'll point it out in the beta tomorrow, for those who are getting it.

Inside is ALL the characters.
Don't click it if you'd rather not know!
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Daily Blog
  26th October, 2011

Extra hats today!
I now need about 3 hats, and annoyingly I think I might need an extra bunch of baddies, which also means more hats!

Still, those can wait until after the Friday Beta.
The things that can't wait, are those annoying things that build and build, until you realise you don't really have a whole lot of time.
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Daily Blog
  25th October, 2011
Tonight, I started implementing a few of the hat suggestions, from a couple of days ago.
This really is a mad dash, at this point, as I desperately try to get hats and badges all bundled into the game's code, ready for the Friday beta.
There's still going to be masses of things missing from Fridays beta, like a Game Over screen, and an Adventure Complete! thing.. stuff like that.
But for the most part, yet again, this will be a nice release candidate.

..It won't be released, of course, because we've still got 2 more weeks to go after this one, but it's nice to know that at least, ooooh, 3% of the game has been done by this point

Today's random screenshot...

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Daily Blog
  25th October, 2011
Today's been total utter chaos.

I wrote a bunch of little Badges (Awards?!) the other day, so I've spent today trying to wrangle the code together so that they actually work.

See inside for some oddly missing information.Read More
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Daily Blog
  24th October, 2011
First up, be aware that these aren't working yet, so the bit where one of the achievements would appear to be mostly impossible without the others, is actually down to the fact that they're 6 items apart, and nothing to do with anything that's been earned yet!!!

.. having said that, here's the first screenshot of the Achievement table that I've been working on, today.
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Daily Blog
  24th October, 2011
This is the plan.

Week 1
This Friday I'm launching Beta2, so I have until Friday to add an alarming number of things.
I thought I was on track, but then realised I needed...
1. All the hats!
2. All the badges.
3. A couple of bits of music.
4. Scoring methods

This Beta will hopefully be, for the most part, the fully complete game.
Any extras after this point should be neatness-tweaks, and nothing major, but.. well.. things always get in the way!!
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Daily Blog
  23rd October, 2011
Every character, when caught in a bubble and collected, can be "worn" like a "hat".
(They don't look like hats, but that's what I started calling them, and that's what I'll continue to call them!)
Each hat will give the NeonPlat a special skill, allowing him to do all manner of wonderous things.

The run through so far includes ball throwing, ice throwing, flower throwing, drop through the floors, hop in the air, shield, and many more.
Today, I added "Multiplier x2" and "Multiplier x5"
I think that officially means I've completely run out of ideas!!

If you have any random thoughts of things that NeonPlat might be able to do, if he had a hat, then jot them into the space below.
I'm looking forward to your ideas!
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Daily Blog
  23rd October, 2011
Saturday's my "At work for a while" day, so I usually get a lot less codey time done, but I still managed quite a few bits and pieces in the morning.
A couple of new baddies, and a teensy bit of AI are in there, as is something which may or may not be confusing, depending on whether you remember the 7 year old oddity or not.
Suffice to say, the bananas do definitely appear to be coming from below the arrow.
.. not sure what that's all about..



Got a little feedback, yesterday, which is nice.

A couple of days ago, @deps81 helped me out when I asked about Lion vs Leopard compatibility.
I was worried that a Leopard compile might not work on Lion, but if I upgraded, then my new Lion might not compile for Leopard! eeek!
I asked on twitter, Deps tested, and he says my games run fine on Lion.
So, if anything breaks from this point on, we can all blame him
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Daily Blog
  21st October, 2011
5 more, today! woot! That's 42 little animated characters I've popped into the game, now! (43 if you count NeonPlat!)

Looking entirely possible at this point!

And I've done 8 backgrounds, now, too, so we'll probably want another 2 of those.

I'll be honest.. Background #8 was kinda lazily cobbled together, but it works!

I'll leave you with a nice desktop for today.
This one's from Background #2, which I like to call "Square Pixels", but which doesn't really need/use a name at all.

1920x1080! An awesome resolution to play at!

I wonder if I'll ever be bothered to make that into a Flagpole?
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Daily Blog
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