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  21st December, 2011
So, um, yeah.. My neck's fucked again...


I spent most of the past few weeks struggling on. My Xmas hols are due shortly, and I figured I should be able to last the short while, before giving up over Xmas and giving myself a well earned rest.
.. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've attempted that before..

Long story short, plan didn't succeed, and I've been back in bed for a couple of days.

All plans are off, and I'm resting.

If you need a game for the next few days, Danger : Energy comes well recommended, once you've left-clicked your way through the storyline!
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Daily Blog
  18th December, 2011
There are many many things breaking the calendar.
The list is growing.
Having finally got the whole Locale thing to work (switch phone to French, open game, calendar still in English, wtf!?)
With enough tweaks, I was getting French calendar months, and all looked well.
.. Except the "??" in d??cembre.. Because my font is lazy.

That'll be a lengthy fix!
New Font functions ahoy!Read More
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Daily Blog
  17th December, 2011
It's been over a year since the Platdude Retro Advent Collection had a bizarre game with a ball and some spikes in it, and as much as I've attempted to get on with other games, that one little game keeps on getting dragged back out again!

Last week, SpikeDislike won an IndieVisibility award, for being the best game to have with you on the toilet!
This week, the guy who nominated it for that award has written a great big sprawling mass of text, all about SpikeDislike!

What'll happen next week!?
Who knows!

Why not help decide by clicking this super happy box!?

Nominate SpikeDislike for Best Time Killer

woot!Read More
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Daily Blog
  15th December, 2011
Before starting development on NeonPlat Adventures, I took great care to test all the alternatives.
I'd read online about OSX Lion breaking Blitz, and people needing to fuck about with lots of settings and things.
The scary part was that developing on Lion would probably break compatibility with Snow Leopard.

As such, I made a few test engines, and got people with Lion to test my games, to be 100% sure that, if I stuck with Snow Leopard, my games would be 100% compatible with BOTH sets of users.

I am extremely happy that everything works, and I had absolutely no intention of upgrading, and completely breaking the whole setup.
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Daily Blog
  14th December, 2011
Today sees the release of @dedhedzed's wonderful 99% Bundle, a bringing together of 13 games by 13 developers, all banged into a handy bundle, and popped online for everybody to try.

The bundle is FREE, and is hopefully there to reintroduce players to the oddball world that we've been playing around in for years.

Head over to 99Bundle.com to get the pack, and you can check out the full list of games, here
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Daily Blog
  13th December, 2011

'tis a nice theme!

As Year 4 approaches, I figured it was time for a makeover.
It's taken me from 10 at night until 4 in the morning, but I think I'm about 2/3rds of the way there!
If anything's missing that you'd like returned, please let me know!
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Daily Blog
  12th December, 2011
A lot of elements are currently coming together, and things are getting a little more chaotic than I'd like them to be around Xmas time.
If the past 2 years of Xmas themed chaos (12 games of Xmas, Advent Collection) have taught me one thing, it's not to EVER plan anything around Xmas!
Presents, family visits and the general filling of my face with Xmas cake, will usually get in the way of the coding time, and as such I decided not to push myself into anything moronic this year.
I apologise if you're deeply depressed by this change in your usual schedule, but you got NeonPlat Adventures, and you can pretend that's your super awesome present instead!
-=-=-=-=-Read More
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Daily Blog
  12th December, 2011
Can't seem to make a start on things, this morning.

Woke up early, expecting the Window fitters to come and get that done.
Didn't happen.
Rescheduled for next week, which is probably too close to Xmas, so probably won't happen either..

.. I blame Comic Sans.
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Daily Blog
  11th December, 2011
Yesterday was the #Indievisibility awards ceremony, which involved a bunch of indie guys, a pub, a brawl and a number of teabags.

Awards were given for all manner of things.. Different genres, games with certain features and other seemingly random reasons.

You can scan through a list of all the Awards here, and read all about the joys of the fight!
Awesome!Read More
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Daily Blog
  10th December, 2011
When I was building the beta versions of NeonPlat Adventures, it always included a little readme file.
The final release didn't have one, but I figured that was ok, because it was so simple it didn't really need one.
The original readme was only really there to explain that beta peeps shouldn't mention the Calendar, and then I kinda rambled on a bit!

Anyhoo, if you find yourself in desperate need of a readme file, this is it!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  8th December, 2011
You know what's annoying?
When you've been sitting, typing away for about an hour, then stop to make a brew, and suddenly realise how bloody cold it is!
Somebody needs to invent some sort of keyboard with heated keys. That'd be great!
.. A mouse would be cheaper, but I then only my right hand would be toasty warm.

.. I'm not sure I want to go for the "Coding Gloves" thing!
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Daily Blog
  6th December, 2011

I need to make a calendar for the iOS edition.
The Win/Lin/Mac (WiLMa) edition is also a bit screwy, so we'll add "New Calendar" to the 2nd releases todo list.
Might as well see if I can code 2 things at once, then, and rework the calendars at the same time.
Read More
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Daily Blog
  5th December, 2011
Slumlord27/Moshboy's Youtube Channel
For a long time, Moshboy's been building a nice big list of indie games on his Youtube Channel.
There's LOADS to see, and I highly recommend that you spend a month or two playing through them all!
Great stuff.

Today, he decided to add Kee Bo Ard to his list!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  4th December, 2011
Read More
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Daily Blog
  2nd December, 2011
With only a matter of weeks left until 2012, I opened up Google Docs and created "AGameAWeek : Year Four", the Spreadsheet/Calendar!

Fun fact : The Olympics will be on from 27 July until 12 August. This may or may not be relevant!

I've filled a few interesting dates in, with themes and things. It should help to keep us a little bit on track, but if I'm honest, they're not BIG dates.. Just little things here and there.Read More
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Daily Blog
  1st December, 2011
1. Socoder Newsletter
2. NeonPlat Adventures iOS
3. That 4-pack thing I started ages ago, and still haven't finished yet. (Yeah, so much for the "make 4 quicky games" plan, there, Jay!)
4. I'm apparently not doing an Advent Calendar this year. Either that or I'm going to be really really late with it!!!
5. Xmassy Spike Dislike!?
6. Probably should start JNKPlat 2012 at some point, since I've said I'm aiming for April 16th.
7. Get Monkey, Get Learning, Get building a new Framework.. Before January!?

.. I think my head's starting to get back into the AGameAWeek swing of things, because as much as I should be focusing on the Newsletter right now, my head really doesn't want to.
This saddens me somewhat.
But not in the "Aw, I want to do the newsletter" way.
.. more in the "Aw, I want to do ALL the other stuff, and the newsletter's getting in the way!!!" way.

I think I'm going to choose to code, tonight.
Sorry, Socoder-peeps..Read More
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Daily Blog
  30th November, 2011
For NeonPlat Adventures, I tried my best to get rid of all those horrible nasty evil things that I tend to cram into my games, but as with all things Jay, there's always going to be a few leftovers that seem pure evil.
Read More
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Daily Blog
  29th November, 2011
Sorry, I missed a day or two, there.. Must be getting into the code.

I say "into the code"..
What I mean is, I'm getting really cheesed off by all this converting stuff and it's driving me completely insane!
Lesson Learned : I need to layout my code better!
.. I won't, but it's a nice lesson to learn!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  28th November, 2011
You can't possibly complain that this game is evil and sadistic!

It's just a happy happy game, with instructions permanently written, right at the top!!

Who could possibly complain!!!?Read More
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  26th November, 2011

The following blog post contains words, which are built up using various letters.
You are expected to read the words in the correct order, moving your eyes from left to right to read each line, and then moving on to the left hand side of the next line.
Continue in this method until you have read all of the words of this blog post, and are happy with your understanding thereof.

An interesting request, the other day.
It's something that's been annoying me for a few years, but I hate being that git who whinges aimlessly about the players.

I'm the developer, they are the players, and I shouldn't do that.
I should continue to develop games that they want to play.

But this time, I'm a little bit more ticked off than I should be.

If you're reading these words on the frontpage of this website, the following part will contain the words Click for More. If you can see this, you need to click the words Click for More, and will then be transported to a much longer version of these words. Once there, you may continue to read the words, and be happy.
If the phrase Click for More does not appear on the next line, you are already on the page which contains the longer version of these words. You should, instead, continue to read the words in the same way that you've been reading the words that have proceeded them.

Read More
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Daily Blog
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