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  20th February, 2018
The 3D Printer arrived.
I spent most of the day doing the setup.

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Daily Blog
  19th February, 2018
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Daily Blog
  20th February, 2018
Platdude is all that stands between the empty desert wasteland, and a giant invading space robot!
Views 3, Upvotes 1, 20th February, 2018
  13th April, 2016
A new planet, and a crew ready to explore.
I hope they all come back alive!!
Views 15, Upvotes 1, 13th April, 2016
Star Trek , Movie , Tv
  11th October, 2016
Platdude is battling against a giant dragon.
Where's your sword, Platdude!?
Views 23, Upvotes 2, 11th October, 2016
Danger , Dragon
  4th February, 2018
This Tuesday we're kicking things off slowly.

Each Tuesday through February, I'll be adding to Flappadiddle-Doo, to bulk it up beyond the original concept, and fixing up any quirks in my new Framework along the way.

But once we hit March, I'll be heading into the regularly unplanned insanity of AGameAWeek.

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Ideas , Suggestions
  8th February, 2018
I spent a bit of time looking into Pico-8, yesterday, (Spurred on by SkyBerron posting this teeny weeny version of SpikeDislike) but it's a wildly different language than I'm used to.
Lots of little bytesized bits of code, and a methodology that I'm just not used to.

I'm sure that, with a little more poking and prodding, I might learn to code well in the language, but for now I think I'd much rather be sticking with my new C++ Framework.
But the bug is already starting to niggle away!!
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Daily Blog
  9th December, 2015
This wind up radio's really starting to show it's age.
Platdude's had to keep spinning the little charger-paddle around, all the way through the news bulletin.
Views 16, Upvotes 2, 9th December, 2015
  22nd September, 2009
Save as many people that you can.
Views 2508, Upvotes 16, 22nd September, 2009
Shoot-em-up , Experimental
  27th January, 2018
So many attempts,
Yet I've still not succeeded.
I'll try it again,
As I definitely need it.
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  2nd February, 2018
Floating down like a bug strapped to a leaf, Platdude descends into action.
Views 12, Upvotes 3, 2nd February, 2018
  16th November, 2010
Run and jump and jump and run! Note : Due to the high speed of the flickering, this is probably really bad if you suffer from Photosensitive Epilepsy.
Views 2626, Upvotes 11, 16th November, 2010
Demake , Rapid Death , Run , Experimental
  1st May, 2007
Get the coloured balls to their homes.
Views 1131, Upvotes 6, 1st May, 2007
  18th May, 2017
Time for Platdude to give the dog something nice to eat.
Some leftover steak should keep him happy.
Views 16, Upvotes 4, 18th May, 2017
  11th February, 2018
Typing in the code.
Hope it all works out.
My code, it will be broken.
I never have a doubt.
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  5th February, 2018
If you haven't yet tried out Flappadiddle-Doo's first release, please give it a try, and let me know how well it does or doesn't work on your given system.
Thanks for trying.

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Daily Blog , Flappadiddle-doo
  19th February, 2018
Yesterday was spent rearranging bits of my bedroom to (hopefully!) fit a 3D Printer in there.
If it doesn't fit atop the chest of drawers, I've got an emergency plank of wood that it should fit on, but it'll have to temporarily be on the floor until I can find somewhere to plonk the plank of wood!!
Need more space!!!

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Daily Blog
  4th May, 2016
Everyone in town is off having fun at the big 4th of May celebrations.
Platdude's taking advantage of the silence at the beach.
Views 19, Upvotes 4, 4th May, 2016
  23rd October, 2017
Platdude's trying his best to pain a lovely sunset, but he keeps getting sand in the paint.
Views 21, Upvotes 5, 23rd October, 2017
  18th December, 2016
Platdude's never been this way, to the city, before.
He usually takes the main road.
Views 22, Upvotes 5, 18th December, 2016
Game , Halflife , Beach
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