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  29th March, 2018
Platdude left the spoon in his cup of coffee again.
Time for another new microwave!
Views 20, Upvotes 3, 29th March, 2018
  21st September, 2017
After numerous tweaks to the design, Platdude finally got his boomerang to come back.
Views 74, Upvotes 5, 21st September, 2017
  8th August, 2017
Each week, Player's submit their thoughts on that week's game.
Let's see what people thought of Bug destruction!


Game Overview: In a randomly generated level infested with a small number of big green bugs and lot of smaller white bugs the player is a floating exploding bomb. Using just 3 bombs per level the player has to kill all the green bugs to progress to the next level.
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Views 40, Upvotes 8, 8th August, 2017
Daily Blog
  30th May, 2017
Every week, RSKGames submits a lovely review of that week's game!
If you'd like to have your own thoughts posted in similar bloggy posts, you can either email them, post them as a comment, or let me know via Twitter.


Title: Well chosen title for the game. The blend of the pink and yellow circle between the blue title looks great.

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Views 54, Upvotes 5, 30th May, 2017
Player Thoughts
  22nd April, 2017

MusicAL Developments

I've been struggling with next week's SonicALly choon..
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Views 3, Upvotes 0, 22nd April, 2017
Daily Blog
  3rd February, 2016
With all the wonderful solar and wind energy output, Platdude no longer needs his old coal power station, so has to get rid of it somehow.
.. If only we had the same problem.
Views 1, Upvotes 0, 3rd February, 2016
  3rd February, 2016


A bit more work on JNKPlat, as I attempt to load old stuff..
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Views 4, Upvotes 0, 3rd February, 2016
Daily Blog
  17th July, 2015


Yesterday my new NAS turned up.
I bought a Western Digital "My Cloud", and instantly disabled the My Cloud gubbins.
An NAS is enough. I don't leave the house enough to warrant external access!

So it all got setup, and then I did some quick file-access tests. The thing is roughly 3 or 4 times faster than my previous Buffalo Linkstation is, so it should make backing up of files a lot quicker, as well as those occasions when I copy a folder from the PC to the NAS, then to the Mac, for a quick compile!!
My Dev-world is somewhat chaotic, but it works!!

About 2pm yesterday I set off the massive backup transfer, copying 1.2Tb of stuff from the Buffalo over to the new WD.
It's now 11:35 the next morning, and the bloomin' thing still isn't done!
It's currently just over 55% through, and still has a lot of large files to transfer.
I have a lot of content on there. Server backups, all my coding for over a decade, and a lot of Sci-Fi and Comedy that I CANNOT live without!!!

And so I continue to wait. Without "proper" access to my NAS (I don't want to confuse the poor thing copying two lots of stuff at once) I've been more or less just bobbling about, doing not much.
I did attempt to animate a character for a SpikeDislike3 theme, yesterday, but.. .. Well, I can barely draw, so animation's out of the question, really!!
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Views 0, Upvotes 0, 17th July, 2015
Daily Blog
  30th July, 2013
Match 3 or more coloured blocks, and stop the playfield from overflowing.
Views 1238, Upvotes 20, 30th July, 2013
Puzznic , Vexed , Boom , Match-3
  28th February, 2011

Extended MP3
and the origins are here for the mod and here for the clip.
Views 0, Upvotes 0, 28th February, 2011
Daily Blog
  26th November, 2008
Yesterday was spent playing with the editor some more.
As the game and editor become more closely entangled, I'm finding lots of little extra tweaks that need to be made to the game, so that the editor can be that little bit more complex.

Here's a nice list of things you can currently tweak within the editor..

The start weapon (1-16 so far.. there are 16 forms of Basic weapon, and then the Super weapons on top. I've yet to add any Super weapons, yet, though!) and also how fast the weapon builds up... Basically meaning that, if you wanted to, you could ensure the player never actually changes their weapon in your level..

The initial wave layout (1-17.. from "An alien" to "OMG!WTF! LOTS OF ALIENS IN A CIRCLE!!") and how fast the layouts build up.

The initial Alien (1-6 as before, but additionally the breeds too..) and again, how fast they progress.

The randomness of alternative breeds, so that Red Bombas, Pink Spawns and Yellow Bonus aliens can all randomly appear within other basic breed type waves. Keeps things a bit more interesting when the Spawn type starts appearing at the basic levels..

That's your basic tweaks, and there's a few extras in there, too. You can also disable the progress for all the settings, and even the random breeds, to keep your level within strict rules. Should be plenty to keep the editor peeps busy.

I should mention, at this point, that I've actually reduced the Bomba alien quite a bit.

Previously, the Bomba would explode with a nice radial swirly blob, killing everything around it.... Including you!
If the Bomba ran up to you (which they tend to do!) and then exploded, you'd be too close, and die.
It was a teensy bit unfair, to say the least.
So, taking a leaf from Geometry Wars 2 (hey, why not!) I've turned the Bomba types into more of a "That gate thing" type of alien.
The Bombas still go boom, they just won't kill you.

And if you step on one, it also goes boom.

In basic terms, it means that in the middle of frantic action, you can stop shooting, run up to a flickering red guy, and blow everything up.

In complex terms, it means you can turn up the Randomness of Bombas, turn down the evolution of Aliens, Turn off weapons, and you've got yourself the lovely "Pacifism" mode from GW2.

Now, that's progress!

More to come.
Views 23, Upvotes 4, 26th November, 2008
Daily Blog
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