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  7th December, 2017
WinSock only took 2 days to get right.
Today I'll be needing to attempt the same thing with Linux.
I'm sure that'll be a totally painless, and easy task!


I'm currently hoping, when I come to do things like iOS and Android, that most of the internetty stuff will be nice and easy.
I expect those to be set up in a way that makes this all a lot easier, since they're modern OS's and should have ways to do things in a much more logical way, as opposed to the horrible manner that WinSock does it.

But I have to get there, first.

I still haven't managed a proper compile on a lot of devices, yet. I've got the groundwork in place, but I'm still not quite there.

There's still a long long road ahead, and it's already the 7th of December.
If I hope to release my first new AGameAWeek game on the first week of January, then I've got to get my arse into gear.

.. Best not to rush things, though. Do it right, or it'll all fall apart.

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